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Betty Lukens Fun with Felt Product Review

Betty Lukens is a wonderful site providing fun with felt.
As most of you probably already know, I homeschool my kids. I have 3 little ones ages 8,6 and 1. I homeschool my older 2 right now, but will start workin with my baby soon too.
I came across the Betty Lukens site by complete accident one night. I got to browsing through all of their items and just loved them. I thought I would contact them to see if they would be interested in a review. Much to my surprise they agreed to it.
We had the pleasure of reviewing 3 of their products.
First off I have to say this review as been delayed a bit. Due to the reason that I like for my kids to help in every way imaginable. I began to cut the pieces out and they wanted to help. Of course, I said yes!
Due to this it took us a bit longer to get everything prepared. I have to say that they took their time and did a great job cutting the pieces out and I am so proud of them.
Ok, now for the review.

The first item we reviewed was Learning Your ABCs

Product Description:

Learning the ABCs is a dream come true with this wonderfully illustrated set. As an added bonus each picture has the word on felt to go along with it. Also each vowel has an image of its long and short sound. Starting the concept of beginning phonics has never been easier. With over 60 pieces and a lettered play board showing both upper and lower cased letters, this set has it all.

All Sets Include:

- 13" x 15" Felt Play Board

- Over 20 Pre-cut Felt Pieces

- Plastic Storage Bag (for easy clean up!)

These educational felt board stories provide endless hours of creativity and storytelling. They are great as a travel toy or for play time at home, preschool and day care. Flannel board sets are also great resources for homeschool and special education. Felt manipulative pieces develop hands-on learning and hand-eye coordination. Inspire creativity with a Learning Fun with Felt set today!

$ 16.95

I absolutely love this set and so do my children. My oldest daughter has been working on her ABC's this year and this is a great way for us to review them. She thinks it is a game and begs me to get it out. I just gotta love that. My son is older and already knows his ABC's but I can still use it for him too. We use it to review words and their spellings.

I just love that I can use it for both children at the same time, even though their in 2 different grades.

The pieces in this set are precut and come in a nice plastic storage bag with handle.

The graphics are just adorable and the colors just pop right off of the felt. The felt pieces just stick right to the board beings they are felt. I never knew felt could be so fun!!!

The second item we reviewed was Dress-Up Bears

Product Description:

Six friendly bears frolic through the seasons in this delightfully entertaining set. Through fun and play children learn the appropriate dress for the different seasons.

6 pages 7-1/2" x 10"

$ 14.95

This is the cutest set ever. It caught my eye when I was looking through the site.

It comes in one big sheet with all of the graphics on it. You have to cute each of them out. You then assemble the pieces with the bears on it together to form a book. My kids talked me into not doing the book. They wanted them kept seperately so they could both do them at the same time. I thought that was a great idea.

I give 3 to each of them and they then share the outfits and accessories.

I keep everything in an accordian file that holds larger folders. This way I can seperate all the pieces but close it up so nothing falls out. It is also easy for me to store on our shelf in our school room.

All of the pictures are just precious and the kids have so much fun matching the outfits. They have 6 different outfits, Rainy Day, Christmas, Workout/Sports, Fishing/Swimming, Bedtime and Cowboy/Fall Theme.

If you should want to assemble it into a book, it comes with
complete instructions to walk you through it step by step.

My kids are starting to decorate the bears they choose.

This is my sons 3 bears finished.

This is my daughtes 3 bears finished.

The 3rd item we reviewed was Basic Learning Skills

Product Description:

This book teaches colors, shapes, numbers, days, months, opposites, time, and more! Preschoolers learn as they play.

8 pages - 8/14" x 10-1/4"
$ 14.95

I love this set. It is a review for my son and daughter but still loads of fun.

This too is suppose to be made into a book but we decided not to do that.
This way they could both do it at the same time.

It teaches you the following:
and more.

My kids had a blast using this one and had lots of fun. We did it timed as a game and I gave prizes at the end. It was so much fun seeing them scrambling to find the correct pieces.

They just beg me to use it.

The graphics and colors are just amazing.

This set too, you have to cut the pieces out. My children helped with the whole process.

Fun for the whole family.

I highly invite you to visit the Betty Lukens site. They have so many wonderful products that I would just love for you to view.

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*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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