Friday, March 23, 2012

Kidlandia Product Review

We had the opportunity recently to review a site called Kidlandia.

Online playground, Plush toys, and Mobile apps connect together with Kidlandia's unique platform, providing a rich and engaging personalized entertainment experience, all available NOW!

Kidlandia, a company dedicated to persoanlized entertainment experiences for kids and families, announces the launch of Kidlandia Kingdoms a connected playground bridging physical and digital products and experiences where kids and families can imagine, create, and rule wherever they wish to play. Whether it is with one of Kidlandia's Plush toys, its online experience or its mobile apps, hours of fun can be had enjoying this rich and safe connected experience, filled with Kidlandia's whimsical Kreechurs and their environment.

We received Thumblebottom to review.

Kidlandia's Thumblebottom Plush Toy Limited Edition  - Kidlandia -  Other Animals - FAO Schwarz®
Each one comes with a little booklet you see attached in the pic above.
On the inside of the book will be the code you will use to load him onto Kidlandia. There is also info about him too. Such as:
Height: 3.2 feet
Diet: Oatmeal Cookies, sometimes with raisins
Habitat: Entrances to cities and castles
Lifespan: Until he runs out of things to say

Thumblebottom is quizzical Kreechur that loves greeting visitors and asking them all about themselves. He knows all the secrets of Kidlandia.....and then tells them to everyone! He has no incisors, claws or appetite (he could live forever on a few oatmeal cookies). He's afraid of the night time, so has very big eyes.

My kids just love him and love playing with him on Kidlandia. It is an awesome community that keeps them active for hours. My son, who is 8, loves all the cool graphics throughout the community.

When you first upload your code you will be able to design your online kreechur. My on pick the color of it along with a complete outfit. He dressed his to look like a pirate.

This is a picture of my son's Kreechur all dressed up and his kingdom. It allows you to do all kinds of things. As he does things he earns Kaploons which is like money in the Kidlandia world. He can then use his Kaploons to buy things in the store for Thumblebottom, etc.

You can collect eggs and then they hatch little creatures you can use in your kingdom. You can get them to hatch more quickly buy giving them kisses, cleaning them, etc.

You can play games and earn awards and so much more!

You can also invite your friends to play if they have a kidlandia account.

Unique to Kidlandia Kingdoms is the multiple ways players can discover and enjoy this safe and fun experience, it's powered by a unique transmedia technology platform developed by Kidlandia that connects physica-to-digital and digital-to-physical products and experiences with unique rewards and secret codes. The main element of the experience includes:

New! Kidlandia Kingdoms Online Playground: Visit create a parent-authenticated account, create and rule your own Kingdom, and play for free.

New! Kidlandia Kreechurs Plush Dolls: Now sold exclusively in New York City at FAO and Toys R Us Times Square and online at and . Kidlandia Kreechur plush dolls come to life with a tag that tells their "story" and has a unique, secret code that unlocks fun surprises and rewards in Kidlandia Kingdoms. The plush toys are available in a variety of characters, including Thumblebottom, Mousefly, Flapper, Whifflepuff, and Caterplump. They come to life in a rich, imaginative online world where kids can rule their own Kingdom of Kreechurs, plants and animals.

Personlized Products: Kidlandia began delighting kids and families with a range of personalized products, which are available at and at . Consumers can choose designs from Kreechurs to Disney Princess, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Dora, and Spongebob, they can personalize products like posters, puzzles, blankets, pillowcases, placemats, and mousepads. Each creation comes with a unique code that allows consumers to come back to the product again and again to alter and add to as they see fit. Eventual plans for the personalized products and their codes will see these creations showing up in the Kidlandia Kingdoms allowing consumers to continue to play value of the personalized creations.

Please comment on which Kreechur you would like to meet/own.

*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


  1. Kiwump is sure cute!

  2. I would bring home a Pirate Kreechur.

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  4. Great! These toys are so cute.Thanks for sharing.

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