Monday, December 3, 2012

A Month of Fun with our Special Elf Friend Quincy and his Elfcapades :)

What could be more special at Christmas time, then getting to share it with one of Santa's Elves? Well you can do just that. I recently purchased a travel ticket to invite one of his elves to come spend the holiday with us. We traveled out of town for Thanksgiving and the day after we returned home we had a visitor on our doorstop. Of course, our entire family was very excited to meet our new visitor.

We immediately opened everything so we could meet our elf visito. We found out that we had a boy elf by the name of Quincy that just happed to resemble my son. They could be brothers they look so much alike and my girls noticed that right away. Quincy was welcomed with opened arms and lots of hugs and kisses.

He came with a special not from Santa, telling us about our new friends and how to take care of him during his stay. How do you know that this is one of Santa Helpers you may ask? Well, Santa told us to check on Quincys heart and there would be a snowflake there. Indeed there is. This means that he is one of Santa's special elves sent to visit us during the holiday.

He arrived with his own bag, pajamas, slippers and gifts. It was getting late the night he arrived so my kids immediately switched him into his pajamas. They also then took the bottom of  a box that was decorated for Christmas and wanted to make him a bed. We happened to have a blanket that had Christmas pictures on it so they thought that would be perfect for him. Plus remind him of Santa's Workshop. We folded the blanket and placed it in the box and tucked Quincy in for the night and my one daughter gave him a kiss. He came with special snowflakes in which you sprinkle on your elf each nite. This will allow your elf to come to life and go on one of many elfcapades in your home during the holidays.

Santa also hints that Quincy likes crackers and ice water for a snack. It reminds him of the north pole.

The first night of Quincy's stay we tucked him in for the night and made sure to sprinkle some snowflakes on him. The next morning we awoke to find his bed empty. My children began looking throughout the entire house in hopes of finding Quincy. They got worried after a bit, when they couldn't find him. They thought he had went back to the North Pole but they continued to look. We have 3 reindeer decorations in our living room. The one in the middle is larger and resembles Rudolph. They found Quincy on Rudolphs back fast asleep. They think Rudolph and Quincy had a fun night of riding around our home.

The second night we awoke to find once again Quincy was to in his bed. My children began their search looking high and low. They finally found him in their bathroom all tangled up in the toilet paper. They believe it reminds him of playing in the snow at the north pole. We live in Florida and of course have no snow to play in. I guess the next best thing is toilet paper and now my kids want to have dun in it too...LOL

The third morning they awoke to find Quincy hanging out in our schoolroom playing my sons nintendo ds. You may be asking, what game was he playing? Why of course, Santa Claus is Coming to Town! They would be our top pick this time of the year too. My son then sat down to ha make sure he did not take it back to the North Pole with him..LOL

The fourth morning they found Quincy fast asleep on my oldest daughters doodle board. When we moved him back to his bed we then realized he had written a note on the board. It said, " I am having lots of fun with you all and I am happy to be here. Love, Quincy." That made my kids day to know that Quincy liked being at our home and playing with them.

The fifth morning we had a very hard time finding Quincy. My kids have a doll that resembles the tooth fairy and it stays in a box that resembles a book. We found them hanging out in the tooth fairies home under one of our end tables. They had a book open on the floor in which they must have enjoyed as they were on the final page. My kids believe that reading the book must have put them to sleep as they were cuddled up side by side.

The sixth morning Quincy was hanging out on our gate that we use to block off our stairs. There was a note taped to the gate that read, " I have a surpirse for you and I can't wait for you to see, I have been as busy as a bee. Look at your stairs and have fun! Love, Quincy. We look at our staircase and found bags with numbers clipped to them hanging from our decorations that we placed on our railings. He left the kids a surpirse of a fun advent calendar to do each day. Each day the kids get to open a bag that is filled wth goodies from Quincy and Santa. The bags count all the way down to Christmas. Quincy was fast asleep on the gate from working so hard all night climbing up and down our stairs creating it. My kids absolutely love it and got to open their first bag today.

As you can tell Quicny is loving his stay and so are we. We love having him and enjoying all the elfcapades that he takes each night. He will be staying with us during the month of December and will be returning to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. When Santa arrives to our home on Christmas Eve, Quincy will help him and then hop on his sleigh for a ride back to the North Pole. He will then return for a visit again in the future!

We invite you to tune in throughout the month to find out other Elfcapades that Quincy takes. I will be sharing some of them with you all. If you would like to Welcome one of Santa's Special Elves to come visit your home, you can purchase a Travel Ticket here.

Hope you have enjoyed learning about Quincy and his Elfcapades and we hoep you come back to read about more.

*Disclaimer - I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received the item(s) mentioned above for free for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest, true and my own.*

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