Thursday, March 21, 2013

SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Diapers and Wipes Review and Free Sample

I am a mommy to three little ones and really take the time to find great prodcuts to use with my children. As you can imagine over the years we have used a ton of products. One product that we have probably used a little to much is diapers and still continue to use to this day.

My youngest daughter turned two not to long ago and is still in diapers. She loves to drink all day long and I find a probably of finding a diaper that does not leak. I am not quite ready to start the potty training phase with her yet so a great diaper is top priority in our home. Especially at night.

We have used several brands over the years and liked some and not so much with others. I was excited recently to try Sam's Club SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care and Wipes. We had never tried a bulk store diaper but were excited to give it a try. We love to shop at bulk stores. Why, you may ask?

Well, because you can get a larger amount of a product at a lower rate. Especially if you purchase the store brand, which I do alot.

I tried the diapers on my daughter to give them a whirl. We received them in a size 3 which is the size that my daughter currently wears. They fit her absolutely perfect. My daughter has chunky monkey legs and sometimes I have trouble getting them to fit around the top of her legs. These are very stretchy and fit just perfect around her legs. Did not cut into like some tend do. Sometimes she her skin also gets irritated and she didn't have that problem at all with these diapers.

You know babies are not picky with diapers but I have to say that my daughter loved the design on them. They have jungle animals on them and my daughter noticed them right away and started pointing naming them. She gets excited everytime I take one out.

Then I put it to the real test. If she doesn't have a good diaper on she is sure to wet the bed during the night. I tried them out over several nights with her. The best part is they held up to our test. She didn't wet through them at all. That is an A+ in our house and a huge plus to using them over and over again. Roll everything we liked about them in one and that is now our new diaper. Whenever I find a product that I love I also recommend it to others. Diapers is always a top priority for recommending. I even will tell strangers when I am at a store. I can't wait to tell everyone about these.

We also got to try out their wipes too. I am also pretty picky with wipes As you can imagine I have tried alot of those too. I like a soft wipe that can hold up. I have used some that rip or don't smell so good. I was excited to try these out. Right away I liked the packaging. The package comes with a flip top. All I had to do is push down a button and the top flipped open. They I pull a wipe up and it only will pull one at a time. I love that as sometimes when you pull one a ton will come out.

They are quilted and super soft. The scent is very pleasant and stands up to the job wonderfully. This is now going to be our newest wipes to use in our house too. I am so glad that I got to try both of these products out. I am always optimistic and I have to say that we love both of the products and give them both 2 BIG Thumbs UP!!!!

Overall I liked the design, how it fit my daughter and the ability to hold alot of pee-pee. I also loved the design of the wipes, softness, scent and its durability.

Sam's Club helps to save families lots of money each and every year. They will help you save a bundle on buying diapers and wipes. The money that it would help me save would go right into the back to save up for our daughters future such as school etc.  Every little bit that we can save on diapers and wipes can go along way in the future.

For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit  today!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

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