Thursday, January 15, 2015

Experience the Coolest Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel in your Own Living Room - Product Review #AD

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My family and I love going to amusements parks. Every time we plan a vacation it almost always involves visiting on of the many amusement parks in our state. We enjoy spending the whole day riding rides throughout the parks. One of our absolute favorites is any type of roller coaster. I think it is the thrill of the ride. I've loved to ride them ever since I was a little girl and now my children are old enough to experience them too.

Even though we would love to visit an amusement park every day, we know that we are not logically able too. So what would be the next best thing???

Well of course bringing the amusement park to our home.

Yep, that's right. We are going to bring a few of those rides right into our very own living room. Now of course we cannot physically ride them but we have K'NEX characters that can.

We recently built 2 K'NEX sets that included:
* Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set-
Blast off faster than the speed of light with the Hyperspeed Hangtime Roller Coaster Building Set! Use over 600 K'NEX pieces to build a Roller Coaster over 2.5 feet high! The exclusive inverted blaster motor launches your hanging coaster car on an out-of-this-world adventure through 18 feet of track! For more fun, download instructions for a 2nd coaster. Requires 3 "C" batteries (not included). Ages 9+.
  • Includes 624 pieces
  • Builds over 2.5 feet high
  • Exclusive inverted blaster motor
  • Includes hanging coaster car
  • 18+ feet of track
  • Requires 3 C batteries, not included
  • Ages 9+
    * 2-in-1 Ferris Wheel Building Set - Comes with 922 pieces and is recommended for ages 9+
    It also includes 2 motors too.

    My kids are loving the new roller coaster set because the car comes with people in it and they literally hang down from the car. It reminds us of one of our favorite roller coasters that we love to ride. It is as if your legs dangle from the car as you go through the entire ride.

    My children can sit for hours watching it go around and anticipate with excitement when it will make its turns. If only we were small enough to fit into the car is what my son said. Could you imagine having your very own roller coaster and no line to get on?

    I guess a K'NEX coaster is the next best

    Then we started building the ferris wheel. It is gigantic. We could not believe how big it was once we finished building it. It has little seats going around it. My kids took some of their K'NEX characters and placed them on the seats so they could go for a ride. They've had a blast playing with it.

    As you can see in the picture above we have it setting next to a door. The top basically comes up to the door handle. this will give you a rough idea of the size.

    Along with this set you are able to build. a Spin Ride too. It too reminds my kids of one of their favorite rides. My son set it up too so that the characters could ride it as well. They have enjoyed these sets so much and really enjoyed building them.

    We also did not realize it until recently but the Ferris Wheel and Spin Ride set also makes another ride too. We haven't tried it yet but will be real soon.

    You can also take those pieces and make a Tumbling Tornado ride too. It says it measures 3.3' and my kids cannot wait to build it and try it out.  I have to admit it looks really cool. We noticed the pictured on the back of the box.

    Each set comes with easy to follow instructions to make it easy for your children to build them. Of course we do not limit it to just the kids. We love for parents to get involved too. I am like a little kid when we build the sets. I get right in there with my children each time to get in on the fun.

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