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Letting our Imaginations Run Wild with Lincoln Logs and TinkerToys - Product Review #AD

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Ever since I was a little girl I loved building things. I could sit for hours and just build one thing after another. I would get so excited when I would finish a project to see how it would look. Two things I enjoyed building with were TinkerToys and Lincoln Logs.

Right after I graduated high school I became a preschool teacher. I was one of three teachers in our two year old room. We had several shelves in our room that were just filled with toys. I was greatly surprised that 2 of the toys were Lincoln Logs and TinkerToys. I was beyond excited when I saw them. I just knew the excitement they would bring the 20 children that we had in our classroom. Not only could they enjoy them during playtime but during learning lessons too.

We used them to teach lesson plans and during free time it allowed them to use their imaginations. Both products are very easy for children to operate as they are perfect for little ones hands but the pieces are not to small. They are very sturdy and will hold up so they can be used year after year.

I was a teacher for about 5 years and they were still in great condition when I left from the day that I started. This is one reason that I love both of these products.

I am now a mom to three children, a boy and two girls.  We have been working with K'NEX for awhile and when we entered the fourth quarter we received a huge package with products that they wanted us to test out. When we opened the big box my kids began squealing right from the beginning. The first two items we saw in the box were a big container of Lincoln Logs and another box with TinkerToys.

My children began to take them out immediately and begged to open them. I am OCD with organization so I like for them to do one thing at a time so we do not get the pieces mixed up. We decided to open the Lincoln Logs set first. It is called The Original Lincoln Logs Collector's Edition Homestead. It comes with 361 pieces which include: Long, Medium and Short Logs, Chimneys, Roofing Pieces, Wagon, 2 Horses, and more. All the pieces are made of REAL WOOD. Yes you read that right, REAL WOOD. I love this as it reassures me that these will hold up over time no matter how much my children play with them. I also love that it comes in a huge container that they can all be stored in with a nice plastic lid. Makes for a very easy clean up.

It also includes an instruction sheet to help you design a few things, but it doesn't stop there. The most important feature is that you technically do not need an instruction sheet. Your children are encouraged to use there imaginations to come up with their own designs.

We've built: Houses, Barns, Garages, Storage Shed, Horse Stable and so much more!

The age suggestion on the piece is 3+ years. My children are ages 11, 9 and 4 and they all enjoy building with them as do I!

The next day we decided to open the TinkerToy box. They were amazed by all the pieces that were included and the variety of shapes and sizes. My children have been building with K'NEX sets for years. My 4 year old daughter does not have the opportunity sometimes to help us due to the smaller pieces. We were very excited when we seen the TinkerToys. It reminds us so much of the K'NEX pieces but larger so small hands are able to build easily with them.

It comes with an instruction sheet to help you build 30 things. It also includes 200 pieces that snap together and a classic since 1913. They are recommended for ages 3 and up. All 3 of my children have enjoyed building with them. Below you can see a house/garage that they built that also includes a car that actually works. They've built a windmill, bug, snake, truck and so many more things with this wonderful set. My 4 year old daughter also mentioned on how much she likes all the colors of the pieces and that they are very colorful.

We've really enjoyed both of these sets and my children play with them several times a week. I also homeschool my children and I have been working them into our lesson plans as well. We've been learning how to build different things and then learning how they work such as the windmill.

We hope you have enjoyed our review and be sure to do a search on our blog for other K'NEX reviews that we've done.
Plus lastly they are all Made in the USA!!!

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