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Why Should You Join the Secret Society of Powerful Women? - Business Spotlight Sponsor

March 2015 Business Spotlight Sponsor


Women Business Owners

Why should you join the Secret Society of Powerful Women? 

We are a society of powerful business women with a strong dedication to our members. 

Our mission is to support each other in the growth of our respective businesses and paying it forward.  Some member benefits include:

• A website that advertises your business
• A network of like­minded women
• A members mall that features your business
• Training, webinars, and mentoring
• Fundraisers and events• Media exposure for your business
• Monthly featured business and blog

If this sounds interesting, we would like to talk with you. 

Send us an email to

Be sure to include your name, email address, and the company you represent.

Check us out at

Join this month for only $15!


  1. As a founding member, I would truly encourage you to check us out! We are small, but growing with a passion to give back as We grow. We want to help others to grow. We are looking for small business owners, DS sales, crafters, women who are leaders, strongly motivated, willing to work to make you business to grow. If you look at our website and are interested, you can join right there!! So easy! Come check us out!! And we are looking for sponsors also!

  2. Yes I whole heartedly agree with Lisa! We are accredited by the BBB. I encourage all small business owners who want to increase their exposure to join us. If nothing else, shop for a cause- support small businesses!

  3. Being part of this organization has been wonderful! Not many people out there actually care if your business is successful or not, but SSOPW does! Take a look and see if this is the right fit for you. Let's boost your business together! If you're not looking to join but want to support the group, hit the members mall and get your shop on!!!!

  4. Check out the SSOPW website! They show upcoming events being held, and also have an entire mall of members that you can shop from!! It's pretty awesome!

  5. SSOPW is a network of incredible women who market their businesses while giving back through fundraising. It is a fantastic way to help others while meeting your own personal goals!

  6. I feel we are a family.. The SSOPW really cares about their sisters.. Plus I love the fact that they have a place were I can buy the products I love without pressure :) #SecretSisterhood

  7. l enjoy being part of this group; not only do we support each other in our businesses but also in a personal lives. #SecretSisterhood

  8. SSOPW is an amazing organization and an incredible opportunity to help expand your business. I have made many new business connections and life long friends. Joining SSOPW will help to get the word out for your business 24/7. We have amazing support, we pay if forward and help advertise your business through our Fundraisers, Members Mall and Our Work at Home Board just to name a few. If you are looking for ways to expand your business, come check us out today!

  9. SSOPW.. what is this you may ask..?! The secret society of powerful woman is an amaxing group of woman here to support each other in every aspect of each others business. We help promote each other, share business ideas, get each others business' out there and help ourselves grow into something more than what we were. These are very great woman who will be d over backwards to help in everything they can and you do your part too. We would love to have you on our team.

  10. Since being a member of SSOPW, my shop and website views have tripled. TRIPLED. I've learned many new marketing techniques, met some wonderful ladies, and made some great connections ! SSOPW is an amazing organization. The ladies work together to come up with out-of-the-norm ways to get our businesses out there, all the while donating to some amazing charities and causes! I LOVE this group!!

  11. We are so, so, so much bigger than our direct sales businesses. We are a sisterhood! The beautiful part of this amazing organization is we all come from different walks of life. We have never had a physical cup of coffee together however, we have virtual tea parties that formed a bond as if sharing the same womb. There's nothing I wouldn't do for my sister of SSOPW!


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