Monday, November 9, 2015

Gold Canyon Candles with Cyndee - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor
At Gold Canyon, we understand you aspire to create a home where meals are shared, memories are made and the expression of YOU shines through.
From candles to décor, our first thought is always a design you’ll love.
Diamond light jars ~
heritage candles come in 4 sizes Mini (5 oz) Small(8 oz) Medium (16 oz) large (26 oz)

Every candle we create meets the highest standards ~ yours!  It means things like even burns that prevent tunneling, cool wax that is safe for kids and pets, safety wicks that self-extinguish and consistent fragrance from that first light, to the last.
Did we mention we’re the original 2-wick company? And when it comes to décor, we combine inspiration from international trendsetters with real-life, practical attributes to deliver products that make your holidays and every day something special.
Home decor items ~ so versatile ~ you can change the look for the season..

Gold Canyon can take you from “wick” to “wickless” products ~ to fill your home with those ahhhh scents that will evoke memories, and create new memories.

All our warmers have timers on them, that YOU control just how long you scent your home: 4, 8 or 12 hours and then shut themselves off!  No more wondering “if you turned your warmer off” because Gold Canyon has taken that chore away from you.
One of our new warmers ~ Ruby Red.
 When you turn on the warmer, LED light light up the bottom of the warmer.

We use the highest food grade paraffin wax on the market.  Our wax is purer than what we use to cook with ~ you could “eat” our wax, but we really don’t recommend it.  And with our cool wax technology ~ this means our wax takes a lower temp to melt ~ and will not BURN or harm your precious little ones or your pets. 
Gold Canyon also has Diffusers ~we use "sticks" to give the optimum scent throw, with out putting spoors or pollen into your air. Just one of our many "wickless" items.

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