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Tips and Tricks to Save Money in 2016

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I get asked all the time how I save so much money and find the amazing deals! I thought I would take the time to create a post in which I will share several ways that I use to save money. Of course we realize that it takes time to for it to add up so don't expect to earn/save a ton overnight. Just remain patient and it will all pay off. I've started my savings plan for 2016 and will save my money throughout the entire year and use that for my holiday shopping later. The sites below are all FREE to join and will allow you to save money up front or get money back on the purchases your already making. For instance, I've already earned $50 in Amazon bucks and over $40 in cash back this year. I started this on Dec 26th so look I already have over $90 saved up for my holiday shopping and can take advantage of any deals I should find throughout the year.

This is an update as of April 21st, 2016.
I now have over $300 saved up just from using sites found in this post.

First off take advantage of joining the sites I have listed below.

Secondly be sure to use coupons on a regular basis. I do this all the time. Also check your grocery stores as many offer their own coupons and will allow you to use manufacturer coupons with them so extra savings. I live in Florida and we have Publix grocery stores and they allow us to do this. I also know some grocery stores that double coupons too so be sure to take advantage of that as well. Also anytime there is a B1G1 free you can use a coupon on the item your buying and a coupon on the item your receiving for FREE too. For instance your buying 2 boxes of cereal that are B1G1 Free. The boxes are $4.00 each. You would only pay $4.00 but you have 2 coupons that are $1 off a box of cereal. You can use both giving you $2 off the 2 boxes and leaving you only paying $2 for 2 boxes and only $1 each. That's some crazy savings.

Third be sure to constantly watch sales flyers to find amazing deals. Anytime you find a sale or item on clearance you can use a coupon with it for additional savings. I do this all the time and will stock up on items that are non-perishable. For instance I bought 4 huge bottles of vitamins for my kids today. With the B1G1 Free sale and coupons, I got 4 bottles for the price of 1. This will stock my kids up for 8 months before I have to buy vitamins again. You need to do this so your always stocked up on items you need and it will help to save you lots of $$$ in the long run.

For those of you that Homeschool be sure to look for deals as well. We're a homeschooling family and I find deal all the time. Some stores such as Michael's Arts and Crafts offer discounts. LEGOLAND of Florida has homeschool days and you can get entry into the park and a big discounted rate. Just do a search online or ask at stores and restaurants that you visit on a regular basis.

Like I said, be patient as it is a learning process and it will take time. If you stay focused you will find it easier and easier and watch your savings increase. We're a family of 5 and I homeschool and I can really stretch our dollar and I know you all can as well. Feel free to share this with your friends and family so they can start savings lots of $$$ too.

Find and Save App -  Sign up and enter this code YXB4

Just do a search on your apps located on your phone to download.


Get 150 in FREE Swagbucks for signing up.

The first app is called Ibotta. I have only been a member for a short while and I have earned over $20 on things that I am already purchases for my family. For each friend that you refer using your referral code and after they redeem their first rebate you will receive $5 in your account.


The second app allows you to earn points that you can then trade in for rewards just by turning in you receipts. It is called Receipt Hog. Also for joining you can earn a FREE 5 points for joining after you enter your first receipt. Plus when you refer friends you will earn 10 points and your friends will each earn 5 points after they enter their first receipt.



I also use Checkout 51 which is a great site that works a lot like Ibotta.


Here are additional apps that you can use to save $$:

ReceiptPal App

McDonalds App

Burger King App

Walmart Savings Catcher App

Louder Rewards App

Chili's Rewards App


Here's is a list of stores in which I have rewards cards for too and free to ask for one:

CVS Extra Care Rewards Card

JCPenney Rewards

ToysRUs Rewards

Payless Rewards

Best Buy Rewards

Build a Bear Rewards

Kmart Rewards

Bealls Outlet


Famous Footwear


Kobe Steakhouse

Ulta Beauty

Red Robin




You can also print valuable coupons for household items, food, and much more from. They update them often so be sure to bookmark the site so you can easily find it each week.


These are all ways that I save money while shopping.

Hope this helps to save you $$$$ too!!!

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