Monday, March 28, 2016

#RememberNoah - Please take the time to read the Warning Signs of Pediatric Strokes

It is with great sadness that I write this post. I have a dear friend whom I met through the Direct Selling field by the name of Kellie. We've been friends on Facebook for quite some time. While sitting on my computer approx. 2 weeks ago I saw a post come across my newsfeed that just caught my eye. Just one of those post that stops you in your tracks and pulls you in. I sat reading the post with a tear coming to my eye, that made me sit back and think of my 3 children.

This sweet face you see is Noah, and is Kellie's nephew. While at school Noah fell to the ground during recess hitting his head. He was taken to the doctor and found to have a concussion but after a few days and more testing found that he suffered a Pediatric Stroke. Most of the time when children suffer a Pediatric Stroke it is misdiagnosed. As I continue to follow their story and pray for Noah I can't help but to think of my children. Thinking how is his family handling it, what are they going through and the list just continues to go on and on. All I could do was pray, pray and pray that this sweet little boy would pull through.

After a few days of Noah's mom keeping everyone updated they decided to create a group on Facebook to keep all family and friends updated on Noah. I awoke on Friday March 25th and for some reason that morning I was pulled to my phone to check my notifications on Facebook. One of the very first notifications was an update to the group created for Noah. The profile picture of #PrayFor Noah had been changed to #RememberNoah. This sweet little boy passed away the night before in the loving arms of his mom and dad. As I read the post that his daddy posted to notify everyone I just began to cry and cry. I cannot even begin to imagine the grief his family is feeling but one thing is sure Noah has brought a whole Community together. The outpouring of love and support to his family has been overwhelming at times.

One thing Kellie asked was to help spread awareness of Pediatric Strokes. As a mother of 3 I was not aware of the signs and know I have a large following of moms and wanted to be sure to make you all aware too. I asked Kellie if it was alright and she gave permission for me to share Noah's story and valuable information to make other family's aware as well.
The graphic above was provided by Kellie and gives all the warning signs. Please take the time to look over this to make yourself aware of the warning signs. I personally had never even heard of a Pediatric Stroke and find this information very important for anyone caring for children.

They will be honoring Noah this week and have asked for donations of Stuffed Animals and Blankets in which will be given to children in the hospital where Noah passed away. This is the families way of extending Noah's legacy and helping out other children and families battling their own obstacles at this time. I shared this story with my children not long after finding out about it and sat down to them them that Noah passed away. As soon as I found out about donations they said they wanted to help. We all know how stuffed animals and blankets help to comfort children and would love to carry on Noah's legacy by donating as many blankets and stuffed animals as we can to help these families in their time of comfort.
If you would like to make a donation of a NEW Stuffed Animal or NEW Blanket they can be sent to:
5010 Auburn Way S Auburn, WA 98092
Here is the telephone number if needed for shipping purposes. (253-833-5853)
For those wanting to make a cash donation can do so through the following page:

For those wanting to donate a gift card can do so through the following:
Auburn Adventist Academy Church
Attn: Trent & Katie Russell
5010 Auburn Way S
Auburn, WA 98092

Most of all please continue to lift up their family and friends in Prayer.
Please feel free to share this post to make other families aware of the warning signs of Pediatric Strokes. It is very important that everyone know the signs. This way children can be properly diagnosed faster.

Signing off with a very heavy heart tonight and praying for Noah's family and friends and #RememberNoah!!!



  1. Beautiful and I will share this with every mom I know as I also didn't know about this.

    1. Thank you so much and we greatly appreciate it!! #RememberNoah

  2. God bless this child and his family. #RememberNoah


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