Monday, April 18, 2016

Fight those Allergies or Colds with Pfizer Childrens Relieve Medicines

** We were provided with samples for our review from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. **
The colder weather has passed and Spring is upon us. You would think that this would excite me, but honestly this year I'm a bit confused. I thought cold and flu season would be behind us but it is in full swing with this beautiful weather. As a homeschooling family we've been able to get outside a lot lately to enjoy this amazing weather, We loved the crisp breezes, birds chirping and the beautiful flowers blooming.

Unfortunately those beautiful flowers bring pollen with them and with that brings allergies. My three children and I have had a terrible time the past two weeks dealing with allergies. It's brought on runny noses, sore/itchy throats and coughs.

We've been miserable and needing lots of rest, which means not as much fun time.

When were sick I make sure that my children are hydrated at all times and that they take their medicines. Next is lots of rest.

For this review we were sent 3 brands of medicine to try out but honestly we've been using them for several years already and they always help to bring down their temps, relive their sore throats and have them feeling better in just a couple days.
 I have children ages 12, 10 and 5 so  always make sure to read the labels and give them the correct amount for their ages and weight. They each come with a small cup so you can dispense the medicine and it allows them to simply drink it without any problems. My kids love the flavors, which is a big help in allowing them to easily take it without any fussing. We're always sure to keep it on hand anytime we hear the sniffling nose, feel a temp coming on, etc. All 3 of these are our go to medicine and you cannot go wrong with any of the three.

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