Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Product Review 3 Little Birds / Kristen Anderson

I had the pleasure of doing a product review for 3 Little Birds.

Kristen, the owner, sent me the cutest pair of earrings.

They are absolutely adorable. Simple but cute. I think my 5 year old daughter has taken them even though she doesn't have her ears pierced. She said she is going to put them in her jewelry box until she gets her ears pierced. She told me they are just her size :) Too Cute!!!

Kristen takes pride in making them and packaging her products too.

She placed te earrings in a litle piece of blue tissue paper and closed it with a sticker with her logo on it. She then placed that in a little tin round package with a clear top. In with the item she took a whole punch and did 3 seperate birds (hence the name 3 Little Birds). Great way for her customers to remember her and her items. She then placed another logosticker on the clear part of the package and wrapped it with ribbon.

simply adorable :)

Thank you so much Kreisten for letting me do this product reveiw for you :)

I invite you to visit Kristen and view her items. Please mention you saw this review :)

Kristen Anderson

3 Little Birds




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