Monday, July 25, 2011

Product Review for Bath Bliss

I had the pleasure of reviewing 2 products from Bath Bliss.

We received a Push Up Shave Bar and a few Bath Fizzies in the scent of Monkey Farts.

I know the scent sdns kind of funny but just what you would expect a Monkey Fart to smell like...LOL


My kids tested the Bath Fizzies and loved them. I filled up the tub with water and dropped the fizzies in. The fizzies were blueish in color and as soon as they started to fizz it lightly tinted the water blue. The kids got a big kick out of that. Let me tell you my bathroom smells great now too. It left their skin feeling smooth and soft.

I tested the Push Up Shave Bar. It comes in a plastic push up tub. You have to apply a little pressure at first to get it started. Once it is started it is very easy to then push up. I used it in the shower to shave my legs. It was much easier using is then dealing with a large container of shaving cream like I normally use. Plus the shaving cream containers are usually made of metal and not good when the water hits them. This container is wonderful beacuse it is plastic.

I rubbed the soap on both legs and them put the top back on the container. I then proceeded to lather the soap up on my legs. It lathered up wonderful and smelled just as good as the fizzies did. The razor moved through the soapwonderfully and left my legs feeling very smooth and soft too :)

The push up bar is a great idea and I woudl definately use it again. I am going to have my hubby try it when he trims his beard. I think this would be much easier for him to use as well.

I highly recommend you stop by and view their other products too.

Bath Bliss


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