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Product Review for Discovery Toys / Shavon Olivier

I want to start by first saying my kids had a BLAST doing this review!!

Shavon was kind enough to send 4 products for my children to review. Each item comes with a card eat tells you about the item. On the crad it tells you the name, appropriate age, description of product, and what you can learn from using the product.

I am going to list each item, what the card says and my review of the item.

**Big Tangiball:

Provides a Multi-sensory experience, including sight, sound, touch and smell.

Develop fine and gross motor skills by grasping, squeezing, rolling, kickign, tossing, catching and trappng

Teach cause and effect by squeezing the air in and out of the ball

Encourage auditory development by encouraging the squeeze-ad-squeak action

Provid tactile stimulation with the nubby textured surface

Enjoy sense of smell with a pleasing strawberry scent

Strengthen hd-eye coordination and visual tacking skills

Perfet, larger-size comanion to our 4" Tangiball

12m+ toddler years

The tangiball is red and has little knubs all over it. I have a 2 month old, 5 yr old and a 7year old. They all enjoyed playing with it. My 2 month old kept moving her hand around it feeling it. She would also get very excited as she touched it. My 2 older children also played with it with her. They would squeeze it and it would make a sound and they would all get very excited. There favorite part was that it smelled like Strawberries :) They cannot believe it...LOL

My older 2 children also play a game with it by sitting on the floor with their legs open rolling it back and forth from one to another.

I absolutely love it and can't wit r te baby to get a little biggger so she can use it alot more.

**Spring & Catch

Engage in competitive or cooperative play

Develop fine and gross motor skills

Promote muscle reflexes

Encourage sensory development related to movement and visual tracking

Practice grasping, squeezing, catching, scooping, and trapping

Provide portable, on the go fun for one or more players

Appeal to a variety of skill levels

Engage the whole family

Strengthen hand-eye coordination

5+ school years


When we 1st received the item one of the bars was broken. I contacted Shavon and she had a replacement sent right out for us. We received it very fast and I am very happy with DT's customer service and product replacement. Most companies you have to hassle with them if you receive a product that is broke etc. DT was ot like this at all. I honestly think it happened during shipping too. The box was all banged up on the side in which the bar was located. We will never know but like I said DT's Customer service is Top Notch and so was Shavons :)

We used this item in a number of different ways (and did I mention I am addicted...LOL). We would have each person hold a set of the bars. Then they would start by popping a ball and the other would have to catch it and then pop it back and so on.

We also play it by ourselves. I personally 1 set of the bars and pop the ball against a wall and then catch it and keep repeating it. It is very addicting...LOL My kids also enjoy playing it like this as well. It is great for their hand-eye coordination. I also have them old the bars and I will throw the ball a them and they will have to catch it. We try to see who can catch it the most times.

This product is definately lots of FUN for the whole family :) Highly Recommend

**Chiming Charlie

This Whimsical octopus features eight color-splashed, multi-textured les, plus mlodic chime ball

Develp fine motor skills by encouraging baby to hold and turn toy while exploring a variety of colors, shapes, textres

Listen for chime sound by moving and shaking toy

Promote tactile stimulation and exploration

Encourage small motor dexterity as baby grabs and holds toy

Enjoy extra visual stimulation with cheery face graphic

Use for fun on the run with loop for attaching to boomerins

Stimulate or soothe self independently

0+ infant years

I use this item with my 2 month old daughter. She absolutely LOVES it!!! She just love to look at it. I think it is because of all the bright colors and designs it offers. When we place it near her she repeatedly touches all parts of the octopus. There are several different textures to the different parts of the octopus and the fabric used. Her favorite part is the collar around the octupus' neck. It makes a crinkle sound when touched. She repeatedly touches the color over and over. She will also laugh sometimes when touching it. She also loves when she moves it and it makes a jiggling sound.

This is a must have for when we go out. We attache it to your infant seat or the carseat. Keeps her entertained for hours. Charlie is definately the newest addition to our family and our baby's best friend ;)

** Tac-Tic-O

Designed with multiple layers of complexity: the more you play, the smarter you need to be to win.

Foster early math skills related to counting, adding, and subtracting

Provide quick-paced game play for high-intereste, low-frustration

Build self-esteem with instant learning feedback

No reading necessary

Offer early experience with strategizing and problem-solving

Addictive fun for all ages

More fun and learning than checkers.

I personally love this game. I homeschool my children and we use this often as part of our learning day. My son is 7 and in 1st grade and my duaghter is 5 and in pre-k.

I use it with my son to help with his adding, subtracting and problem solving. He is getting so good that he has beaten me a couple of time...LOL

We also play it with our daughter and work with her on counting etc. It is a great learning tool for both of them and lots oun too. The best part is, they enjoy playing it and don't even realize their doing school work. That is the best part in my eyes. I am alsways looking for fun, new ways to incorporate learning into our school days. This is a big hit in my book !!! I am going to think about creating different games to be used with the board and pieces to use in our school day also.

It says 7+ years of age but you can incooporate it into your pre-k class though too. Just work with them with counting etc.

We really enjoyed reviewing all of the items that Shavon was so kind to send us. My kids still continue to use them all on a daily basis. I highly recommend you stop by and visit Shavon if you have little ones in your life and have her help you pick out the perfect item(s).

She picked these out these out on her own. I just gave her my kids' ages. She picked out the perfect items for each. I couldn't Thank her enough :)

Thank you so much Shavon!!!

Shavon Olivier

Discovery Toys


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