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Product Review for Party Lite / Rhonda Lorah

Let's start by saying YUMMY, YUMMY!!!!!!

I really enjoyed doing this product review and so did my hubby :)

Rhonda sent us 4 things to review for her.

I will list each one with a description from her website and then with my review.

*Racy Wasabi Raspberry Mustard

This unique combination of mustard, raspberries, horseradish and spices is a smooth and savory blend that will absolutely entice your palate. 6.2 oz.

• Use as a baste for poultry & pork

• Delicious on hot dogs & sausages

• Add to your deviled egg filling

• Makes a great dip for sushi & salmon

My hubby and I both LOVED this product. I a a mustard fan so this was fight up my alley. It is a yummy mustard with a hint of raspberry. Not too much though that makes it nice. You can tell the wasabi is in there but it is not overwhelming at all. As most know Wasabi tends to give things a little kick. It does do this but just the right amount. We enjoyed using it on our sandwiches. Went great with Turkey and Ham :)

If you visit Rhonda's site they have a recipe box that shows you recipe that you can use this particular product in. Her company definately has it going on with the recipe box!!!

*Summer Fruit Crisp Mix

Makes it easy to create a crisp using your favorite fruit.

8.5 oz.

• Top the crisp with whipped topping or ice cream

• Combine with granola and sprinkle on ice cream or pudding

• Add 1 cup of fresh or frozen berries

I made this one evening to use as our dessert after dinner. Let's just say the entire thing was eaten by my family that night. It was a huge hit and YUMMY. I would definately purchase this product for my family and would make a great dessert for those summer months. The directions and prep was very easy. If your not a baker this is right up your alley :)

You need 1 pkg of Summer ruit Crisp Mix, 6 tbsp slted butter melted, 21 oz can fruit pie filling (or 5 cups fresh fruit, 1 1/2 tbsp flour and 2tsp corn starch as a substitute for canned pie filling only).

Directions were very simple.

1. Preheat ove to 350 degrees F

2. Fruit Crisp Topping - Combine fruit crisp topping with 6 Tbsp melted, salted butter. Mix well and set aside.

3. Fruit Crisp Filling - Spread contents of 21 oz. can pie filling into 8x8 inch baking dish. Evenly spread the packet of fruit seasoning over pie filling. Top with prepared fruit crisp topping and bake 45 minutes. Let stand at least 10 minutes before seving.

*Tuscan Vineyards Mini Barrel Jar

Refresh and update any room with our Mini Barrel Bestburn® Jar in the sun-ripened aroma of Concord grapes, crushed mulberry, Bing cherries and a touch or warm amber, capturing the romance of Tuscany's famed wine country. Our Mini Barrel Bestburn® Jars are available in all of PartyLite's exclusive fragrances and re-usable! Once the wax is consumed use your jar for almost anything. Food safe. Burn time: 25 - 35 hours. 2 3/4" h, 2 1/2" dia.

Price: $12.00 each

We loved this Scent and it comes in a cute little clear glass jar. My hubby loves his wine. I am not a wine drinker but do love the scent of wine. This candle reminded us both of the scent of wine. It was ot overpowering at all. Just the right amount of scent was dispursed throughout our home. If you love the scent of wine you definately have to try this scent. It is a must have :)

*Ebony Wood & Patchouli Round Pillar Candle

Lighting sets the mood. A fragrant aroma enhances it. And suddenly an ordinary room becomes a magnificent living space. Combine pillars of different heights with a wide selection of PartyLite holders to transform your destination spot. Enjoy our 3" x 7" pillar in the rich scent of Asian ebony wood mingled with musky patchouli. Burn time: 90 - 95 hours.

I used this candle in our bathroom and loved the scent. It actually reminds me of a mans cologne but not overwhelming. My husband mentioned the same thing about the scent. I loved lighting it when I was taking a bath. The scent is very calming and relaxing. It is also a brownish color which went great in my bathroom...LOL

Even when I am not burning it the scents of the candle is kind of like an air freshenerin the room as well. I recommend you try this scent :) Must have!!!

I ivite you to visit Rhonda's site and see all the products that her company offers.

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Rhonda Lorah

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