Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bennetts Boots Product Review

This mommy is gonna be on Hot Momma this Fall and Winter Season!

I am going to be rockin it out and looking good in my Bennetts Boots !!

I am so excited to share Bennetts Boots  with you all.

First off Bennetts Boots  was started by Amanda Bennetts. She was on a quest to find boots that would fit her curvy calves.

Unsuccessful after dragging her boyfriend to about 50 stores she decided to design her own wide calf boots.

After working with shoe makers from all around the world, Amanda has brought her design to life.

She is now able to Rock those Sizzling Boots with one zip, and wants you to be able to also!!!

* 24 Calf widths- we will have the right size for you

* Full length zips so its easy to get them on and off

* Extra Cushioning for comfort and shock resistance

* Quality leathers from Australia and the world

* BB Lining with anti sweat and anti smell properties

First off I was shocked on how fast the boots arrived. They were shipped all the way from Australia and arrived on my doorstep in

Florida in record time. I could not believe it. There shipping is lightning fast!!!

I was told to visit their site and pick out 3 styles that I like and submit them. They would then decide on which pair of boots to


I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. I wrote down 3 styles, putting the style I wanted most for #1.

When the box arrived I couldn't rip into it fast enough.

Bennetts Boots is known for the signature Blue color. I opened the package and saw a beautfil blue gift box with their logo on it.

The box was intact for the long trip that it took around the world to arrive on my doorstep.

I opened the box with much surprise to see which pair I had received to review. Each boot was incased in its own bag to ensure

from any scratches, etc. I took the first boot out and was like "Oh Yeah!!" I got my #1 pick and couldn't believe it.

I received the Riley Black Boots .

Here is some info from their site on the Riley Black Boots :

"Meet the newest member of the Bennetts Boots Bunch. Her name is Riley and she is a flat gorgeous patchwork boot with lots to

offer your wardrobe. Being a flat boot the Riley offers great comfort and style for days when walking is on the cards, or a night

time adventure. This very falltering design offer different leather features including a croc, suede and polished leather finish.

Being a Bennetts Boots Riley has all the features you love in Bennetts Boots, 3 calf widths in every foot size from 36 -43, plus

our signature blue lining and the most comfortable cushioned sole you will ever wear."

These boots are absolutely Gorgeous!! I LOVE them!!

They are the most comfortable pair of boots I have worn and fit me perfect. I can wear them with my pants legs out or tug them in

so I can view the full boot view.

This pair got my eye because of the cool design of materials and patterns on the outside of the boot. I also love the sole. It

reminds me more of a tennis shoe type sole. Other boots I wear have more of a heal and more for dress up. These can go either way.

I can put on a pair of jeans with a T and out the door I go.

The inside of the boots are lined in their signature color and super soft. The zipper runs the entire length of the boot for easy

access getting in and out of them.

The overall design of these boots is top notch and well thought out. Amanda thought of just about everything when designing these

amazing boots.

They also came with 2 boot shapers in which you can blow up. They are then inserted into each boot to keep the shape when you are

not wearing them. I actually inserted each boot shaper and then placed the boots in their bags and placed them back in the box.

This is what I intend to do each time after I am done wearing them.

I am so excited to get alot of use out of them this fall and winter. I have 3 little ones so it definately be easy to chase them

around in these boots.

My son said " those are some sweet looking boots mommy."

My oldest daughter said " I really like her cool boots."

Each package also comes with a Boot Care Card that covers:

* General Instructions

* Leather Care Instructions

* Suede Care Instructions

When visiting their site you will be giving a few options when placing your orders:

* Sizes available in US, Aus, UK, EU

* Sizes from 6 - 10.5

* Widths: W, WW, WWW

* It shoes calf/ankle sizes in Inches or Centimeters.

They also provide Beautiful, Detailed pics of each book so you know exactly what it will look like.

Let me say though. As Beautiful as those Pics are they do not do them justice until you see them in person!!!

I invite you to stop by for a visit to Bennetts Boots  and view their wonderful array of Wide Calf Boots.

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*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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  1. The boots sound great. I have a girlfriend that has a heck of time finding boots for the same reason. I will share the information with her as well.


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