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Budget Gadgets Product Review

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Budget Gadgets

We were able to review 2 products for Budget Gadgets.

The first item we reviewed was: Kitchen Detachable One Step Corn Peeler Kerneler

Kitchen Detachable One Step Corn Peeler Kerneler

Photo supplied from the Budget Gadget Site

Key Features:

Donut shaped one-step corn peeler: Align up-Slide down- Pour out, quickly remove corn kernels from cob.

Detachable bowl collects up to 1.25 cups of corn kernels.

Easy to use, just place the corn peeler at the narrow end of the cob and press straight down to the bottom of the cob, then pour

out the corn kernels from the spout.

Top rack dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended.

I was excited to review this with have 3 kids. My older 2 just love corn so we have it on a regular basis. They don't like to eat

it off the corn cob so I always have to cut the pieces off the cob. I always make a huge mess!!

This product makes things so much easier and quicker too!!

My husband and I both tried it out. We placed it onto of the ear like it said and just applied a little pressure and down it went.

It collected all the pieces inside the container. We then pulled out the cob and threw it away.

We then tipped the container and the pieces poured right out onto their plates.

It was quick and easy and only took us a couple of seconds per ear of corn.

We did a total of 5 ears in a couple of minutes.

It easily comes open for easy cleaning as well.

This is definately a must have for families with kids and I highly recommend it!!!

The second items we reviewed was: Rotary No Spill Gyro Upright Bowl for Kids Children

Rotary No Spill Gyro Upright Bowl for Kids Children
Photo supplied from the Budget Gadget Site

Key Features:

Great for kids to have fun while they eat but without the mess

No matter what position, the inside bowl always remainds upright avoiding food to spill over.

Lid included

Kid- proof gyro bowl

Inner bowl ratate 360 degrees

Dishwasher safe

Virtually indestructible

Saves time, less cleaning

Use it for non-food items

My kids were very excited to review this item as they have seen it on tv and begged me to buy it. Of course I was skeptical of the

whole thing but thought it was a great idea if it worked.

I have 3 kids under the age of 8 so as you can imagine things are always getting spilled etc.

Well I have to say the bowl did exactly what it states it will do. My kids walked all over the house turning/flipping it all

around and not a thing fell out.

It has 3 little nubs on the bottom so you can place it on a table etc. It also has a lid that fits on snug so you can leave their

snacks inside.

It is very easy to wash and wipe dry as well.

I am definately impressed with it.

I tired it myself and was curious and had to try it out too. I walked all over turning and flipping it as I went and it all stayed

in the bowl.

This item too is definately a must have for parents with young children.

The Budget Gadget site is awesome and have tons of different products. Their prices also vary depending on how many of each item

you are purchasing and they also offer wholesale too.

Their categories include:

* Christmas & Holiday Gadgets

* Ipod / IPhone / IPad

* Cameras and Photo

* Car Accessories

* Cell Phones and PDAs

* Computers and Networking

* Electronics

* Home and Garden

* Sporting Goods

* Toys and Hobbies

* Video Games

* Others

I highly recommend you stop by for a visit and browse their entire site.

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Budget Gadgets

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*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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