Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Product Review #2 for Bright Starts Company

We had the pleasure of doing a 2nd review for one of Bright Starts Baby Products.

We received a Bright Starts Baby's Play Place.

I will start by giving you a description of the prouduct and then posting our review of it.

The Baby's Play Place converts as your Baby Grows!

It has an Extra Large Playmat which makes for an Adjustable Play Environment. (44 1/2" x 39" [113cm x 99cm])

It comes with 7 Fun Toys that can be attached with the 8 Fun Links provided. The toys can also be taken over and play with.

The 7 Fun Toys include:

* 2-in-1 Crib Toy (Continuous / Baby Activated Play, Volume Control, Converts to a Crib Toy for 2nd use).

* Extra Large Mirror promotes self-discovery

* Water-filled teether soothes baby's gums

* Spiral bead chaser with textured beads

* Colorful rattle promotes auditory development

* Snail and turtle shaped links

* Walls provide barrier between pets and siblings* Walls and bars adjust to change play experience

* Mat expands to flat to extra large play area

* Mat wipes clean and is machine washable

We loved the 1st item we reviewed for Bright Starts. (you can read the review here:!/note.php?note_id=208899132483275)

We loved the Baby's Play Place just as much.

Our baby girl is almost 7 months old and at the perfect age to use this playmat. The thing I like most it that it converts as she grows.

As most know baby items can be expensive and they outgrow them in a short period of time. Well you will definately get more than your moneys worth out of this Baby's Play Place.

It was very easy to assemble. You interlock to plastic pieces and tehn slide them into a pocked on either side of the play mat. You can them fold and bend each corner around an it attaches with velcro. This is what holds the sides up of the play mat. There are then 4 sleeves (2 on each side). You will slide the end of the bars through each one and attache the hook to the loops. This keeps them in place and helps to sturdy the walls as well.

You can then take the 8 fun links and attach them to the many loops located throughout the playmat. Once you get them in place you can then attache the toys to them. We attached the mirror to one of the bars using the velcro tabs on the back of it. Thsi puts it in easy view of my daughter so she can look at herself. She is starting to say "Da Da" and loves to look at herself in the moirror as she says it.

We attached the 2-in-1 crib toy between the bars on the other side. It too, attaches using velcro tabs to insure it will stay in place. It has a volume control depening on how loud you would like it. It also has a control to continually play the music or you can set it that the baby has to hit/touch it for the music to play. We have it set that she has to touch/hit it in order for the music to play. She knows this and makes a point to hit it with one of the toys and then laughs

It has a cute little picture on the inside of the 2-in-1 crib toy and has 3 green pieces in each corner. These green pieces light up when the music plays. There is also a button on the front that you can press as well.

We haven't attached it to the crib yet but it should assemble just as easy to a crib. She enjoyes it on the playmat so we will leave it there for the time being.

My baby girl abslutely LOVES it!!! She will sit for approx. 30-60 minutes each time we use it. She plays will every single thing located on the play mat. The cute design/pics located throughout the mat are adorable as well. She loves to sit and look at all the little creatures located throughout the play mat. We have 3 of the side walls up and left the other down as she is learning to crawl. She gets excited each time we get it out.

I also love the idea that my 7 1/2 year old son and 5 1/2 year old daughter can play with her as she is using it. They help move the toys around and play peek-a-boo using the side walls with her.I have to say Bright Starts products are a big hit in our Family. We own 3 of their products and they are the ones my baby girl uses the most. They are definately high quality and very reasonable on your budget as well.

This is defantely a Top Pick from our Family. We highly Recommend this product to any family that has a baby.

The Baby's Play Place earned the following Awards:

* The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval 2007* Parenting Magazine Mom-Tested* Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products Winner

* 2007 Practical Pre-School Awards SilverI invite you to stop by and visit the Bright Starts Company, and view all of their wonderful products.

Please mention yu read this review on Wahm Connect while your there

Bright Starts

You can view their wonderful array of products on their website:

You can also click on their site to see where you can purchase their items locally as well.

*Disclaimer - I received the Baby's Play Place mentioned above for review purposes from Bright Starts. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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