Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Product Review for Alphabeasts

Product Review for Alphabeasts

I came across a wonderful site that has some amazing products. I decided to contact them to see if they would be interested in a product review.

Much to my surprise they said Yes!!

They were kind enough to send us 4 of their products to review.

Alphabeasts are soft and cuddly beasts that make learning time fun!

They were created by 2 Cool Dads with 1 Great Idea!

There are 26 Alphabeasts in total. One representing each letter of the alphabet.

Below is Information on the Alphabeasts:

* 15" tall

* Comes with a Collector Tag

* Plush and washable

* Detail to Eyes and Mouth

* Uppercase Letter on one side and Lowercase on the other

* Bright Colors

As most of you know I homeschool my 2 older children, who will be in Kindergarten and 2nd Grade this year.

I was very Excited about doing this review and started brainstorming right away.

Here are a few ways I have thought to use them in our classroom:

* Letter Recognition

* Write a story using 5 words that use your Beasts letter

* Find a beast and think of a word that starts with his letter

* and I am still brainstorming up more ideas.

In addition to the 26 Alphabeasts they also sell a Baby Books Box Set.

It complements the beasts and offers beautiful colorful illustrations of the beasts. They present a series of words for every letter of the alphabet.

We had the honor of reviewing 4 of the Alphabeasts:

"D" Dadildoit  ( Da-dil-doo-it)

Actions speak louder than words.

"G" Gumblegoop  ( Gum-bool-goop)

He's a flyer.

"U" Ubatoo  (Oo-bah-too)

Loves to spend time with the younger members of the clan

"Y" Yakityak (Yak-it-ee-yak)

The gift of Gab.

Each Alphabeasts comes with a collectors card. On the front is a picture of the beast with it's name and pronounciation of it.

on the otherside is a description of the beast with what number of the clan it is.

My kids haven't stopped playing with them since we received them. I let each one pick out the one they liked best. The 4th they will be sharing. Once school starts in September we will be placing them in our classroom.

My kids just love them as do I!! They are going to be a great learning tool in our classroom. I can't wait for the school year to begin so we can have weekly playdates with each one

They are the cutest little things and will make learning time so much Fun!!

These are a must have for Schools, Preschools, Home Daycares, Homeschool Classrooms and so much more.

I highly recommend you visit the Alphabeasts site and view all of their wonderful products.

Their website also has the following to keep the learning going:

* Alphagames

* Play & Learn

* Shop

* Community

* Blog

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  *Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


  1. Those guys are much bigger than they look on the web site - very cute!

  2. They are so cute!! What a fun learning toy for kids!

  3. Great fun toy + also fun way to learn


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