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Product Review for Tina's Uppercase Living / Tina McNulty

Let us show you how you can Jazz up just about anything with Tina's Uppercase Living !

Tina (who is a rep with Uppercase Living) was kind enough to send us a few things to review.

I will first tell you a little about the company and then give you our reviews.

Uppercase Living® was founded in 2006 with the vision of creating an inspiring decorative medium that would allow customers to transform their spaces into a reflection of themselves. This vision was delivered through beautiful decorative lettering and embellishments sold through in-home parties, called Open Houses. These expressions could be applied quickly and easily to walls, tiles, wood blocks, and other meaningful places, without enlisting the help of a professional decorator.

Uppercase Living is no longer just selling inspirational vinyl...we are now adding inspirational jewelry. "Blume" is a new line of inspirational jewelry (created by Allison Dayton) offered exclusively by Uppercase Living beginning Sept. 1st.

Tina sent us several different expressions to use as we would like.

She sent the following wording: Home Sweet Home, Smile, Thanks, Inspire, and Love.

She also included a Swirly Type Design, Flowers and a Dragon Fly.

We decide to do Art Projects with them. I let my 2 older children pick out 1 saying and decorative one.

I will describe each.
I took Card Stock paper and cut it in half. I gave each child 1 piece. We then read through the directions to make sure we understood them and how to apply the images. The instructions are very detailed and walk you through step by step on how to apply it onto just about any surface you would like.

Ours was very easy and we had each one done in just a few minutes (and this was with the little ones helping).

My son (who is 7 1/2) decided to pick the word Smile and the Dragonfly. I let him pick where he wanted to put the word Smile first. He wanted it at the bottom of his piece of card stock so we line it up. We then took the backing off and applied it to the Card Stock. We then smoothed it out and used the tool she supplied to rub over the top to make sure it adheres to the Card Stock. I let him do it first and then I went over it just to make sure we had it all. We then pull the other backing off of the image and was on the Card Stock and looking Great!!!

We did the same steps with the dragonfly he choose. He decided he wanted it to overlap the word Smile a little. We did just that and followed the same steps as we did to adhere the word Smile.

He was so Excited when we finished. He then got out his crayons and decorated the rest of the piece. It is now hanging in his bedroom. He said it was alot of fun and really cool!!!

My older daughter (who is 5 1/2) decided to pick the Love and the Sirly design with 1 flower. I let her pick where she wanted to put the Swirly design and flower. She wanted it at the bottom of her piece of card stock so we lined it up. We then took the backing off and applied it to the cardstock. We then smoothed it out and used the tool she supplied to rub over the top to make sure it adheres to the cardstock. I let her do it first and then I went over it just to make sure we had it. We then pulled the other backing off and Poof was on the cardstock and Looking fantastic!!!

We did the same steps with the word Love. She wanted it above it so we lined it up and did our thing :) She said she really liked doing it and it was so easy. SHe then got out her crayons and colored the rest of it. She then hung it in her room.

The kids helped their 7 month old baby sister do her card. They picked the Swirly design, 2 flowers and the word Inspire. We did it just like we did with theirs. I let each of them take a turn rubbing and even got the baby in the mix as well :)

It came out Wonderful and they loved it too!!! We then let her decorate the rest with crayons. Her first art work :)

They also did the same thing with the word Thanks on a seperate piece of Cardstock and then decorated it.

The last one was larger and I did that one on my own and the kiddos watched. I didn't want to adhere it to the wall so I did it on a piece of white cardstock paper. It was the words Home Sweet Home in Black. I followed the same steps I did with the kids and within 2-3 minutes it was done. I am now on the hunt for a black picture frame to put it in and then I want to hang it in my house. It came out beautifully!!! I absolutely Love It!!!

I would like to Thank Tina for a Fun afternoon with my little ones. We had so much fun testing your products and now have them proudly displayed in our home :)

I invite you to visit Tina and her site. Please mention you read this review on Wahm Connect.

Tina McNulty

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*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes from rep Tina with Uppercase Living. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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