Monday, August 15, 2011

Product Review for Tommee Tippee

Being a mommy of three little ones, means I have used a ton of different baby related items.

Recently we were able to review 2 products for the company Tommee Tippee  .

I was very excited. Personally I had heard of the company, but never use any of their products.

I stated that my baby girl was teething and we were transitioning from a bottle to sippy cup.

They recommended that we try, Closer to Nature Chewther and Explora li'l sippee spill-proof trainer cup.

Having 3 children each one seemed to use different things for different stages of growing.

I tried the same things my oldest 2 had used, such as, teethers and sippy cups. My baby didn't like any of them. We were still on the hunt and then POOF, the perfect items showed up on our doorstep.

As soon as we recieved th package I took the items out and washed them, so we could try them out.

My daughter grabbed right onto the teething guys and begun to chew on them. She got so excited!!!

The are the perfect size for her hands and mouth. They are a must have to have on hand now. She weill start to fuss when her gums are hurting and stop as soon as she shes her keys. It is just too funny. I am so thanful that she loves them and it helps to soothe her pain.

We actually went out and purchased a 2nd set, so we could keep one in the diaper bag. This is defiantely a must have for us now!!!!

Here is a little info about the Chewther:

* Supports Oral Development

* Supports jaw, lip and muscle development

* Intuitively designed by a pediatric dentist

* Help to soothe the pain associated with teething

* They come in 4 stages ranging from 3m+ Stage 1, 4m+ Stage 2, 6m+ Stage 3, and 9m+ Stage 4

The second item we reviewed was the Explora Li'l Sippee spill-proof trainer cups.

As you can imagine, we have used lots of different brands of sippy cups. I tried the ones my kids used with no luck.

I honestly thought I would put a little formula in the cup and give it a try. I figured it would end up on the floor like the rest. Boy was I wrong.

She loved it!!! She grabbed right onto the handles and started sucking away.

The handles are the perfect size for her small hands. The spout is softer and reminds me of the nipples on her bottles. I think that is why she likes them so much. We have been usinf them atleast once or twice a day since we received them. She loves to use them and play with them

It has aneasy sip spout which I find really helpful. She struggled with other brands due to having to suck so hard.

I just had to watche the first few times we used it. She would suck so fast she would get to much at a time. She wasn't use to this with her bottles. She has it down now though.

Here is a little info about the product:

* Soft Spout

* Leak Proof

* Bite Free Sipping

* No Drip

* Easy Sip

* Fitted Cap

* They offer different stages in their cups: 4m+ First Cup, 6m+ Trainer Cup, 6m+ Sipper Cup, 9m+ Sport Straw, and 12m+ Flip Top Straw.

I am grateful that we were introduced to the Tommee Tippee Brand. We love the 2 products that we reviewed! I will be visiting their site to view other items that my daughter may like/need.

I highly recommend you visit their site and view their items. Especially if you have littles ones. Their products were a big hit in

our home and I am sure they will be in yours too!

Please mention you read this review on Wahm Connect.

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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