Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sniffle Buddies Product Review

The the Winter Season is fast approaching and along comes the sniffles.

Having 3 little ones they are always wiping their boogies on the back of the hands, sleeves, and anything else they can find.

I am always cleaning trying to keep the germs out of our home. No matter how hard you try though they still get in.

One of the most common ways germs get passed around is from your little ones wiping their noses with their hands, etc and then touching things around the home.

Well, I came across a Wonderful Product.

It is called, " Sniffle Buddies." Yes that is right a great way to keep the boogies in one place and not spread them around.

Sniffle Buddies are an eco-friendly tool for allergies, special needs, and sports!

They are very versatile in each member of the family can use them. They come in different sizes so no one goes without!

They are constructed with Bamboo Velour (70% Viscose from Organic Bamboo / 28% Organic Cotton / 2% Poly) over 2" elastic bands with velcro closures.

We were able to review 4 of the sniffle buddies.

1 for each of my 3 kids (blue, pink, white) and 1 adult size (green)

They are absolutely wonderful.

My kids are typical and when they have a runny nose always wipe it on their sleeves or back of their hands.

We have had the Sniffle Buddies for a couple weeks and anytime my kids would get the littlest sniffles they went and got their sniffle buddies. They would put them on and wipe away.

I have a 7 1/2 year old son, 5 1/2 year old daughter and 7 1/2 month old daughter. My son and oldest daughter can put them on themselves which is a great big help to me. They both commented on how soft they are and they work great at making their sniffles go away.

My youngest daughter is in the teething stage and drooling like crazy. Kelly, the founder/owner of the Sniffle Buddies, commented on how baby's tend to just chew on them. This was just the case with my baby girl. She chewed on it constantly due to teething but I didn't mind at all. The Sniffle Buddy helped to catch all the drool which then kept it off of her clothes. It saved me from having to change her several times in a day!!

I also tried the adult one and felt it to be very comfortable and fit great. Kelly did mention if it was a tad to big to flip it inside out for a snugger fit. I have allergies so I tend to have a runny nose often and are always looking for a tissue and then my nose is sore from all the blow/wiping. I love the Sniffle Buddy because it was always with me. No need to go looking for it and was very soft on my nose. I no longer had a sore nose from all the wiping!!!

Best of all they can be taken off and put right in the washing machine to clean them. No need to buy tissues over and over when I can just throw them in the wash and can be used over and over again!!!

On the outside of the velcro their is a tag that is sewn onto the Sniffle Buddy. It has a line on it that you can write your childs name. I love this too as it is a great way to keep them seperate from each other. They remember which color they have but of course I can't keep them straight. This helps me greatly in knowing whos is whos.

Best of All Sniffle Buddies are constructed in the U.S.A

Sniffle Buddies are not a replacement for proper tissue use and frequent hand washing. They are a transition tool for your little ones for playtime etc.

They are never for blowing your nose nor are they intended for flu related drips---Sniffles only please!!

They help from the young to the old during flu season and the cold weather season.

They are also great for the Special Needs in what ever way you find most useful for them.

The Sniffle Buddies were a Huge Hit in our Family and we Love Them!!!

We will definately be getting alot of use out of them this winter season.

I invite you to visit Sniffles Buddies to view all of their Buddies :)

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*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*


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  2. They look like scrunchies! I think they're adorable. I have always felt weird about handkerchiefs, and I think I'd feel the same about these, just to be carrying it around with you is a little gross. But definitely environmentally friendly! It's a toss-up : )

  3. These are too cute! Love the colors also.

  4. Brilliant idea!


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