Monday, September 12, 2011

Gallery Direct Product Review

We moved into a new home a few months ago and I have been on the hunt for the perfect picture for our living room.

I couldn't even tell you how many places I have looked with no luck.

Starting to become very aggrevated I came across a site called Gallery Direct.

They sell a huge variety of pictures.

I was excited when they agreed to work with us on a product review.

I was able to choose one picture that we would like to review. I began browsing their entire site looking for a picture. I figured I would probably get one for our bedroom as I was having trouble finding one for our living room. As I was going from page to page all of a sudden I spotted it. The Perfect Picture!!!!

I was so excited and immediately emailed my husband the link. He too agreed!!

We choose the following:

It was the Perfect Picture and size for our living room wall. The colors just popped and fit it with ours wonderfully.I choose to have it framed in a brown frame with an insert of gold.

We were like to little kids watiting for the package to arrive hoping we made the right decision.

Boy, did we!!!!

It was PERFECT!!!

The size of the picture fills in the spot just right on the wall we choose. It incorporates all the colors we have in our house and ties everything in the room in just right. We couldn't be more happier with our selection.

The colors just pop right off of the canvas and the frame just finishes it off. We are very pleased with it.

They had it packaged very well too. They had the corners wrapped very well with cardboard and then inserted into a larger box. I have to complement them on the packaging. I was nervous with it being so large and of course being a picture. I was afraid the frame would arrive broken etc. You know how the delivery services can be when handling packages. Ours arrived 100% intact and not one thing wrong with the package.

The shipping was extremely fast as well. It arrived exactly when the company stated it would.

I invite you to visit their site and browse their wonderful variety of pictures they offer.

You can search their site by:

* Artists

* New Releases

* Best Sellers

* Subjects

* Colors

You definately will not be dissapointed. We are 100% in love with our picture and highly recommend you visit Gallery Direct.

They have also been featured on a few episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition too

Please mention you read this review on Wahm Connect.

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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