Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sodastream Product Review

My family was very excited to review this product. We had seen it on tv and was really curious to how it worked and most of all was it Good!!

We were supplied with the following items to review:

* Sodastream Home Soda Maker (model-Jet)

* Cranberry-Raspberry Flavor

* Diet Lemon-Lime Flavor

* Black Currant and Pear Flavor

* Root Beer Flavor

* Cola Flavor

* Cola Free Flavor

* Diet Pink Grapefruit Flavor

* Ginger Ale Flavor

* Green Tea Flavor

* Energy

* Package of Flavor Essence in the Flavors of Raspberry, Orange, and Lemon-Lime

We unpackaged the everything right after bringing the package into the house.

It was very quick and easy to setup and use.

We put the unit on the counter and had to take the back piece off of it.

We then had to remove the seal from the cylinder and then screwed it tightly into the spot on the back of the machine. We then replaced the cover back over it.

Then we took the Carbonating Bottle and fill it with water to the fill line on the bottle.

We pressed the button to tilt it and screwed the bottle onto the system.

Then you just press the button 3 times and each time you will hear a buzz. (very easy)

Once that is complete we pused the button to tilt it and unscrewed the bottle from the unit.

We then choose a flavor and added the correct amount to the bottle and began enjoying our new creation!!

From start to finish it literally only takes a couple minutes to create your own soda/drink. We were amazed with how easy it

really was. As with most things we were skeptical but I have to say this did Every Single thing It Stated it Would!!!

As far as the Flavors we haven't made it through trying them all yet but love the ones we have. Each one we have tried as a wonderful flavor. The cola is my families favorite so far. Of course it has it's own taste but is very comparable with other brands. We were shocked to how much they tasted like the flavor stated and had good taste as well.

I love that we can create just about any flavor we would like right at home.

Additional things I love about it:

* Doesn't take up alot of room on my counter

* Sharp looking design

* Great Flavors and Variety

* No throwing away plastic bottles as you use the same one again and again ( you can purchase additional bottles too)

* Great for the Environment

* Cuts down on my cost at the grocery store beings we are creating our own drinks

* Great value for the money

* Each Sodamix bottle makes approx. the equivalent of 33 12-oz cans of soda. (this makes for huge savings at the store)

* No Batteries or Electricity is used

I highly suggest you visit their site to view their systems and flavors. This would make a great addition to your home or a gift for someone.

They have over 30 flavors and offer a few different packages for you to purchase. You can also view on their site where you can purchase them locally in your area.

Please mention you read this review on Wahm Connect.

*Disclaimer - I received the items mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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