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Biltmore Inspirations/ Lani Rodriquez Product Review

I am very excited to share a new business with you called Biltmore Inspirations.

My family had the pleasure of reviewing 5 of their items.

Biltmore stands for gracious hospitality, amazing design style, and the warm, welcoming feeling of being a special guest in the

home of good friends. We want to share that experience with you through Biltmore Inspirations—an outstanding collection of exclusive tabletop products, chef-selected foods, home decor, wine accessories, and regional artist-inspired products, all inspired by the unique beauty of Biltmore.

Over the last week we have enjoyed the four items we were sent to review. I will post a description of each below with our review of the items. Lani also was kind enough to send us sample recipes for each item she sent plus a catalog to few all of their wonderful items. I will post all of her info at the bottom of this review for you to visit her site and few all the items too.

Item #: S1101004

16 oz. Preservative free. Made in USA. Set of 2.

Your Price: $21.98

Enjoy the old-world flavors of malted barley and whole wheat right out of your oven. Toast a slice for a hearty breakfast or make a satisfying sandwich.

I made this with the help of my 2 older children. They are huge bread fans so they were so excited to try this one! They helped to mix the bread mix with a 12oz club soda. After they stirred all the ingredients together we then spread it into a loaf pan that was prepared. We then melted 3 tbls of butter and poured it over the top of the mix. We then baked it for about 50-55 minutes.

The prep time only took us a few minutes and then it was time to wait. Which was very hard for my little ones to do. It was so worth the wait though when we pulled it out and allowed it to cool. I served up a piece with a little butter on it with their dinner that night.

It was a huge hit. They loved the taste of it and said it was so yummy!!!

They asked for seconds after they ate the first helping.

Item #: S1101010

4 oz. Preservative free. Made in USA. Set of 2 boxes.

Your Price: $16.98

This quick mix makes a savory dip for bread, seasoning for veggies or an impressively easy Italian shrimp marinade. So good, your family will think you cooked all day.

We used this product 2 ways during this dinner. We made pork chops and used the seasoning as a rubbed on the outside of each pork chop. We then baked them in the oven.

I then peeled and chopped up potatoes and placed them in a bowl. I then rubbed a little oil over all of the potatoes and laid them out on a baking sheet. I then took the seasoning and sprinkled it over  all of the potatoes and baked them in the oven.

This was definately a family favorite the nite I made it. My husband and I each had a whole pork chop and I split one between my older 2 kids. I then placed a  small amount of potatoes on each persons plate too.

The pork chop had a great taste and was so yummy. My family felt the same way and said they loved them. The potatoes were huge hit too. The taste of the seasoning is so good. I have some left and will definately be making this meal again for my family.

Let's just say that each persons plate was empty by the end of dinner!!!

* Raspberry Chipotle Spread Set of 2

Item #: S1102007

10.5 oz. All natural. Made in USA. Set of 2 bottles.

Your Price: $24.98

Enjoy ripe raspberries with a jolt of spicy chipotle peppers in this versatile sauce. Great with shrimp cocktail, on ribs, wings or grilled chicken breasts.

I have to apologize that I forgot to take a pic of this meal.
We used it with chicken nuggets for dinner one nite as a dip. I love chipotle so this was one of my favs. I also loved the hint of raspberry that was in it too. It wasn't over-powering at all and I really thought it would be. It did have a little kick to it but you had to expect that with it being chipotle. I loved it!!!

Item #: S1101014

Two 1-oz. packages per box. Preservative free. Made in USA. Set of 2 boxes.

Your Price: $19.98

Robust flavors of cheddar and Monterey jack cheeses, black beans, red pepper and paprika make this dip a crowd favorite. Add a can of black beans and shoepeg corn to make a chunky Mexican dip.

OMG this was my FAVORITE!!!
I absolutely love to make a layered mexican dip and can eat the whole thing by
This one was so delicious!!!
I mixed the cheesy black bean dip with the refried beans and then spread it on the plate around the entire width.
I then spread sour cream on top of the refried beans and then sprinkled chopped up lettuce on top of the sour cream.
I then sprinkled chopped up tomatoes, black olives and shredded cheese over it.
I placed it in the refrigerator to chill then for an hour.
We used flour tortilla chips then to dip into it and then Enjoyed!!!
This ones was gone by the next nite :)
* Strawberry Cream Dip Set of 2

Item #: S1101018

2.4 oz. Preservative free. Made in USA. Set of 2 boxes.

Your Price: $19.98

Strawberries and cream make the perfect pair in this light, fruity dip. Mix with cream cheese for a simple way to sweeten up bagels, appetizers or fresh fruit.

I have to apologize for not taking a pic of it before it was all eaten up.

This was so easy to make. I mixed the strawberry cream dip with 8 oz of cream cheese. We then used it to dip fruit in it. It was absolutely yummy. I was very surprised that I liked it as I am not a huge cream cheese fan, but it was GOOD!!!  Did I say Good???

My hubby thought so because when we all went to bed it ate it all...LOL

Guess this was hubby's favorite!!!

We loved each item we received to review and would personally like to Thank Lani for sending them and allowing us to do it.
I highly recommend you stop by and visit Lani and view her wonderful products.
They sell much more than just food items.
Such as:
Home Decor
Wine Accessories
Lani Rodriquez
Ind. Cons. Biltmore Inspirations
*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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