Monday, October 31, 2011

CLOSED: Learning Resources Product Review : Holiday Gift Guide & Birthday Celebration

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I know most of you have begun your holiday shopping and your little ones are probably making their Christmas lists too. I have a wonderful company to share with you that has learning materials that your kids will love to use and play with.

We were able to review Math A Magician Activity Set.

Pull rabbits out of this hat to learn probability!

Teaches numbers and operations, early algebra, estimation and measurement too

Requires students to stretch their minds as they strategically choose between fair and unfair spinners

Includes unique 4-in-1 spinner cards, 36 plastic rabbits (18 large, 18 small) in 3 colors, Activity Guide and durable plastic hat (6"H x 7.5" in diameter)
Grades PreK+
Ages 4-7

I choose this item to incorporate into our homeschool classroom. I thought my 7 1/2 year old son and 5 1/2 year old daughter could both benefit from this product, and have fun at the same time.

The day we received it they were jumping up and down with excitement. They were very curious to learn what it was when they saw the magicians hat on the box. Of course, we had to take it out right away and give it a whirl!!!

It comes with an adorable Magician Hats, a whole set of bunnies in the colors Green, Purple and Orange, and a spinner.

It also comes with a booklet that gives you directions for several different games you can play with this set.

We have already tried a few of them, and plan to use many more with our lesson plans throughout the school year.

The first game we tried was the Spin, Take and Count.

You spin all 4 of the spinners. You will then reach in and grab a rabbit. If you match one of the spinners you get to keep the rabbit. If not you put the rabbit back into the hat. It is then the next players turn.

You do this 5 times so each person gets 5 turns. At the end of the fifth turn each player counts the rabbits they collected. The one with the most is the winner!

The second game we did was Patterns.

I laid a pattern out on the table and would then have them take turns. They would each have to tell me which rabbit/color/size came next. Once they told me which one they then would reach into the hat and pull a rabbit out. If it matched the next spot in the pattern then they got to keep it. We did this 10 times. The one with the most rabbits at the end of 10 rounds won!

The third game we played was Sort & Classify.

I gave each one a group of bunnies. I had them start by sorting them by size, then by colors.

They had a blast playing all 3. I can't wait to try some of the other games and make some of my own up as well. This set is just adorable and a huge hit in our home.

They ask me everyday if we will be using it in our school day. Gotta love that!!

I have been busy working it into my lesson plans for the remainder of the school year.

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