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Kid Co Product Review

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Well, that time has come. My baby girl is now mobile and crawling all over the house and pulling herself up on everything. I knew the time would come soon as my older two started right around the same age. The only thing I didn't look forward to with this one was baby proofing our stairs.

I had been doing research to find the perfect gates to use upstairs and downstairs. I was beginning to get so overwhelmed by it all. We have wooden spindles downstairs so I honestly wasn't quite sure how to attach a gate to those for one thing. The second is we have wooden balusters upstairs and didn't know how to attach a gate to them. Well, one way was to drill hardware into the wood. NO WAY!!!

We didn't want to damaged our staircase just by putting gates up.

I continued to look for info and came across a wonderful company called Kid Co. I contacted them to see if they would be interested in a product review. Much to my surprise they contacted me back and were thrilled to partner for a review. They asked if I had a particular product in mind. I mentioned about our stairs and if they would be interested in reviewing a gate. I explained the concern I had and being overwhelmed as to what would work on our stairs. Carole is who I was speaking to and knew exactly what I meant and how to help. She rattled the pieces right off to use both upstairs and downstairs. I couldn't believe it.

I was making things so difficult on myself and she said it was an easy fix.

She then placed the order for the pieces I would need and mailed them right out.

First off I have to say we received them extremely fast. I couldn't believe it. One package came and the other package came the very next day.

I immediately started taking everything out and reading the directions. I decided to start with the gate downstairs which has spindles.

(this is a stock photo from the site)

 4 Y-Spindles that will wedge around your stair spindles to hold the gate in place

 Model GY
(stock photo from the site)

First off I took the gate out and the extention pieces. I needed one extension for the one side and two for the other side due to the open of our staircase. I then attached the Y spindle to the one side and placed it up all up on my stairs. Once I got the one side in place I began to do the same with the other side. It was very quick and easy. I then tightened them to secure it was in place. It was very secure and didn't budge a bit.

It has a lever that you lift to unlock and press down to lock. To unlock it all you have to do is press a button and pull up. Then just lift up on the gate and swing out to open.

I love it and so does my family. My older 2 children can easily operate it to go up and down on their own.

For the top of the stairs we received a Safeway Model G20 gate.
 Model G20
(this is a stock photo from their site)

There is a little assembly to the gate but very simple and easy. Just follow the directions provided.

Beings we did not want to damage our wood we had to use some different hardwar to attach this gate securely.

Image  Image Image

This is a pic after I attachd the one clamp.

This is a pic of the one side where I attached the 2 clamps and the piece of wood. I am getting ready to attach the hardware and you can see the gate that I already had assembled.
You start by placing a wooden block on the inside part of the one clamp. Then  place the 2 plastic clamps around the baluster and tighten the screws to hold the 2 pieces together. It is very secure when tightened and doesn't budge. You will do this on the top and the bottom of the baluster. I also had to do it on the other side of our staircase as our opening has balusters on both sides.

Once I got the clamps on I then had to take a long piece of wood. I had to screw it into the top clamp and the bottom clamp on both balusters. Once I had that in place I took a piece of paper, that was like a ruler, to measure where the other pieces would be placed on the wood. This was included in the set. I took a pen and marked the spots on the wood. I then began to attach the pieces on both sides. Once complete I hooked up the gate and Ta-Dah!!

I have to say I was very proud of myself. I am quite handy so I got them both completed fairly quickly. If you are not handy I would suggest leaving it to your significant other to hand. I would also suggest charging up her screw gun. It makes the process go so much faster. I made the mistake and had to charge mine half way through...LOL

I feel so comfortable with my baby roaming around now. My stairs are very safe now and they look great too. I know most thing oh no I don't want gates etc. etc.

Believe me they blend right in and look good. My spindles are all white and so is the gate. It blends in beautifully.

I am so happy with my experience and would love to send Carole big hugs for making this process so much easier for myself. When she said it was an easy fix, she wasn't kidding :)

I took pics but they kept coming out blurry with the way the light was coming in our window. I have no way to block the window and had the same problem at night with the reflection of how the light was hitting :(

Take my word for it they look awesome all finished.

I invite you to head on over and visit Kid Co.

*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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