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Families with Purpose Product Review / Holiday Gift Guide

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The holidays are fast approaching a we were able to review a wonderful set from Families with Purpose.

This set is perfect for Christmas.

It is called the Advent Kit - Devotions and Calendar

The following items were included in the kit that we reviewed:

Designed for families on the go who are looking for simple quiet ways to celebrate the Advent season without the planning, running, and hassle.  Each Advent Activity Pack includes an Advent Calendar, the family devotional book, Gather Round the Christmas Tree, and the seek and find picture puzzle book, Which Way is Christmas? Ages 4 and up.  These items are not sold individually.

Thi is a wonderful Seek-and-Find book. It is filled with 30 pages of fun from start to finish.

This book begins you on a journey to Which way is Christmas. It starts at the beginning in the Garden of Eden where God laid out the plans to save this world from sin.

Each Seek-and-Find page will have a picture and little versus. You will have to Seek-and-Find certain things that you read in the picture. Once you have found them all you will continue to the next page.

Day 1 Apple: Read Genesis 2:8-9
Day 2 Snake: Read Genesis 3:1-5, 13-15
Day 3 Hammer: Read Genesis 6:5-8, 7:13-16
Day 4 Grapes: Read Genesis 9:8-13, 20
Day 5 Pyramid: Read Genesis 15:5-6
Day 6 Burning Bush: Read Exodus 3:6-10
Day 7 Chariot: Read Exodus 14:21-23, 26-27
Day 8 Ten Commandements: Read Exodus 20:1-17
Day 9 Slingshot: Read Psalm 23
Day 10 Crown: Read Matthew 21:5-9
Day 11 Scroll: Read Isaiah 40:1-5
Day 12 Stoplight: Read Isaiah 9:2, 6-7
Day 13 Old Man: Read Luke 1:5-14
Day 14 Quiet Sign: Read Luke 1:18-20, 57-64
Day 15 Locust: Read Matthew 3:1-6
Day 16 Sandals: Read Luke 3:15-16
Day 17 Angel: Read Luke 1:26-28
Day 18 Rattle: Read Luke 1:29-38
Day 19 Donkey: Read Luke 2:1-5
Day 20 Manger: Read Luke 2:6-7
Day 21 Sheep: Read Luke 2:8-12
Day 22 Shepherd's Staff: Read Luke 2:13-20
Day 23 Camel: Read Matthew 2:1-2, 5-9
Day 24 Three Gifts: Read Matthew 2:10-12
Christmas Day Baby Jesus: Read John 14:6

As you can see you will do one each day until Christmas Day. On page 30 it has additional items on each page that your children can look for too.

My kids have enjoyed the book greatly and look forward to the rest of them month. They ask me each morning when we are going to do our Advent Kit!

Gather Round the Christmas Tree - A booklet of family devotions, stories, and fun facts which draws the family together in preparation for the celebration of Christmas.

Just as the Christmas tree becomes a focal point of our celebrations in the home, Jesus is the focal point of our preparation for celebrating the coming of the Lord. Author Dr. Mary Manz Simon uses the stories of popular tree ornaments and family traditions to emphasis the religious dimension of the season. Through these simple stories, fun facts and suggested activities, families are encouraged to savor their special moments and memories as they reflect on the meaning of Christ's birth. Softcover • 32 pages • 5 3/8" x 8 3/8"

My children have enjoyed the first 5 days of the book. I read to them the page and then at the bottom it has an activity to do. My kids look forward to reading the book each day and seeing what activity we will be able to do as a family.

Open a different "window" each day of December to reveal a CHRISTIAN IMAGE behind each one. No Santa Claus, elf or snowman. These calendars have a picture and a Bible passage behind each window. The back of each calendar leads your young people on an "Advent Treasure Hunt" each day with a question, a riddle or a fill-in-the-blank ... answered or filled in when you open the window on the other side. 9 1/4" x 12

Who doesn't love an advent calendar around the holidays? I know my kids look forward to them. They have enjoyed this particular advent calendar. Each day they pull back a window to reveal a Christian image with a saying on the under-side of the flap. This particular advent calendar focuses on Bible Passages.

This has been a big hit in our Family this year.

I invite you to head on over and purchase one for your family quick. You still have time and can catch right up. There site also has lots of useful info too. Be sure to browse around their entire site while your there.

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*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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