Friday, December 16, 2011

CLOSED: No Throw Product Review / Birthday Celebration

I know like most parents we have a problem with our baby throwing her bottle or sippy cup. It is not only a problem at home but when we are out too.

We always seem to be chasing it down and picking it up. What I don't like is all the germs that can collect on it while on the floor/ground.

I came across this great site called No Throw. It is the best invention yet to solve this problem. It is a item that you can loop around a number of things and then wrap the other end around a bottle or sippy cup. I was provided 2 and attached one to my daughters high chair and the other to her stroller.

I absolutely love them!

They are perfect and have solved all of my problems. I no longer have to go around picking them up off the floor/ground. If she happens to throw it no biggie. It just hangs down the side of the high chair or stroller.

I received:

NT06 - Green With Numbers

NT16 - Black and Red

They have a number of different patterns and also have them to attach onto pacifiers as well. I highly recommend if you have a baby or toddler that you need atleast one of these products. We use our several times a day and I wouldn't have it any other way now!

We are Karla and Karen, twin sisters, from Chicago. When our
sons were still babies, we lived within a mile of each other and
were able to enjoy taking walks to the park with our children or
being able to drop in on each other for a cup of coffee. Early in
2001 Karla and her family moved to Detroit. As a result of Karla's
move, we found ourselves traveling back and forth between the two
states much more than we ever imagined. During those trips
Karla's son Danny kept throwing his bottle around the plane
and Karen's son Alex kept throwing his sippy cup all over the car.
After one particularly embarrassing flight Karla called Karen
and said "there has got to be something out there to stop this
embarrassment". That was 8 year ago!

My baby girl wouldn't cooperate with pics so here are a few from the No Throw Site.

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