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Tea Product Review

Having 3 little ones, I am always looking for cute kids clothes. I look for cute patterns and clothes that can hold up to my kids.

While doing a search online I came across a site called Tea.

I was curious to check it out and to learn why they choose the name Tea.

Tea was started in 2002 in San Francisco. They started with 3 beautiful, pima cotton baby sweaters  and a vision of bringing the fusion of worldwide cultures and modern designs to fashion.

Now, if you are curious like I am. You are probably wondering why they choose the name Tea.

Tea, the drink, is shared in nearly every culture around the world. Being Tea is about experiencing life together, even when we're not in the same place. It means taking the time to understand and honor our differences. In doing so, we become closer.

I love it!!

Tea offers an array of clothing for:
* Boys
* Girls
* Baby Girls
* Baby Boys
* Women
* Gifts
* and also have a sales section

We had the opportunity to review clothing for all 3 of my little ones. It was perfect timing with the holidays in full force. The day we received the clothing, they asked to put them on right away.

Here is a funny story about my son. This is what he said when he opened his package.

His favorite color is blue and when I pulled out his outfit he said " Awesome it is my favorite color." He told me I picked out the perfect one. I explained to him that I didn't pick them, that the lady with the company I had been speaking with choose each outfit. He said " how did she know my favorite color was blue?" It was just to funny. As soon as he put it on he looked at me and said, " Mommy this is the softest, most comfortable clothes I think I have ever worn. We have to get more of their clothes. They rock!" Now that is a great testimonial...LOL

My son received 2 pieces from the Highland Holiday Collection.

Boys shirts
Style #1F22047

We stayed in the city of San Cristóbal de las Casas in Chiapas, Mexico. Wear this layered sleeve polo in all the houses you find yourself in during your happy holidays. Imported.

•100% Cotton

•Machine washable

The shirt is super soft. My son said it is so comfortable and very soft. He even has asked if he can sleep in it beings it is so soft. He loves the design and colors. My son is 8 and I love that it looks like a big boy shirt. It makes him look so grown up.

Boys pants
Style #1F23304

Your new favorite fit now comes in corduroy. They're the perfect pair to mix and match with everything from our Modern Mexico collection. Imported.

•100% Cotton

•Machine washable

These pants are all boy. They are extremely soft and my son loves the indigo color. They have the adjustable waist which is good because my son is a little on the thin side when it comes to his waist. I hadn't seen corduroy pants since he was a baby. I was excited to see them and they he loves them.

My daughter was just as excited too because you choose her favorite color too. Couldn't go wrong with pink! She said, " Mommy I just love my new outfit. I look so cute in it." She sure does if I do say so myself.

The first item my oldest daughter reviewed was:

Girls dresses
Style #1F12168

The Jacaranda is a tree you can find all over Mexico. We found it to be the perfect inspiration for this pretty printed jersey mini dress in our new square neck layered sleeve style. Mid-thigh length. Imported.

•100% Cotton

•Machine washable

This is the cutest dress ever. I love the cap sleeve and the solid print sleeve. Really helps the colors pop right off the material. My daughter loves the birds that are printed throughout the material.

It is super soft and I have to say I am a little jealous. I could totally rock this out

I wish they would have had clothing like this when I was a little girl.

The second piece she received was:
Girls leggings
Style #1F12306

Of course they're skinny. With just the right amount of stretch. We know they've found a place in your dresser as a go-to layering essential. Even more fun if you get more than one. Imported.

•Cotton with stretch

•Machine washable

We received them in a Cactus Flower color (it is kind of a pinkish color). It goes great with the dress and is absolutely adorable. My daughter says they are soft and she loves them. It really helps the lighter color pink to pop off the dress.

This is the cutest outfit ever. My daughter will be 6 on January 5th and this outfit makes her look like a big girl!

My baby girl receive and outfit from the Highlands Holiday Collection
for Baby Girls.

She received an adorable 2 piece outfit that is simply adorable.

Lantana Baby Dress
Girls dresses
Style #1F12192

The butterflies of Mexico love the lantana flower. We picked a big bunch of blue ones and spread them all over a rumba red field on this pretty printed baby dress. With keyhole neck detail in back. Maybe a butterfly or two will drop by for a fun fiesta while your little citizen is wearing it. Above the knee length. Imported.

•100% Cotton

•Machine washable

It is simply adorable and also has the softest material. I see her rubbing the material all the time with her fingers. I think it reminds her of her blankie. It has a cute print throughout the entire dress and the color is called Rumba Red. The color looks great on her.

I love the flowers located all over the dress and it is just the perfect length.

I thought I would share this pic as well. My baby insisted on lifting up her dress right when I took the first pic. I thought it was too cute and it allows you to see the bloomers better as well.

As you can see from both pics the outfit is just too cute.

I am very impressed with all the items my children received for our review. The quality is top notch and the softest of the material still amazes us.

I highly recommend that you stop by and view all of their wonderful collections. You definately will not be dissapointed!

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*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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