Tuesday, January 31, 2012

We were choosen as a Step2 Test Drive Mom for 2012!!!

Last week, we had a ring of the doorbell. We opened the door and had a nice little surprise sitting in front of our door. All we saw on the box was 1-800-baskets.com.

I was puzzled as to what it could be and who it was from. We opened it and found a purple box that resembles Chinese Take-out that said Good Fourtune on it.

I then opened it to find a HUGE Fortune Cookie dipped in Chocolate and Sprinkles!!

We were still puzzled as to who it was from. The blogger that I am I immediately got the camera out to take a few pics. I thought maybe it was sent to use for a review, but then couldn't remember setting one up. I wanted to show my hubby so we left it sit on the counter until he got home. All wrapped up which was driving us nuts...LOL

Hubby, arrived home a couple of hours later and we immediately showed him. Then of course we wanted to open it to try it. My kids LOVE Fortune Cookies!!

We broke it open and on the inside it had a piece of paper, which normally has a fortune on it.

Well this one was much more than a fortune.

It said, "A day without laughter is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin. Welcome to the 2012 Step2 Test Drive Mom Blogger Program! Thanks for all you do as a mom and as a Step2 brand advocate. The Step2 Team.

I couldn't believe it and of course we were all getting excited. It felt like Christmas morning to receive such a nice Thank You Gift from such a wonderful business. It Totally Made My Day!!!

I am so Honored to have been choosen and have to Thank my 3 little ones. If I didn't have them it wouldn't even be possible. I also have to thank each one for being such a big help in each review we do and video. We have a blast doing them and they really enjoy them.

What a great way to Kick Off 2012!!!!

*Disclaimer- This review was posted out of pure excitement as it was not endorsed by neither Step2 or 1-800 baskets.com

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