Thursday, February 16, 2012

Chatman Product Review

My kids and I are very excited to introduce you to probably one of the coolest  products out for kids today!

It is called Chatman and he is the cutest little yellow guy that hooks right up to your computer. He becomes a playmate for your kids while they use the computer.

This is an awesome new device geared toward kids (ages 6-12).

Chatman is a bright yellow, interactive emoticon-like character. He serves as a protector of sorts, alerting you when and if chatting or surfing becomes inappropriate. When kids plug him into their computers via USB port, he comes alive, and his funny, cool personality adds a whole new dimension of fun, interactivity and emotion to the online experience. Chatman proactively chats with kids, helps with homework, sends reminders about events, features games and apps, and participates in chats online while keeping them safe.

Chatman hooks right into your computer using a USB cord, like seen in the picture above.
No batteries ever needed.

Chatman is a physical figure which plugs into your child’s computer via a USB port and comes with his own software. Chatman sits by your child’s computer and interacts with him/her in the following ways:

•Via direct chatting with Chatman

•By responding to their Internet chats with friends (if they use Facebook™, MSN™ or Skype™).

•By helping your child with their homework

•Providing voice reminders, games, videos and more!

•Suggesting appropriate activities for different times of day, such as morning or evening routine activities.

•Developing a caring, sharing relationship, giving your child a way to express their thoughts and creativity.

My son helped me do a video review of this little guy. My oldest 2 children caught the cold bug so my oldest daughter was not feeling well enough to help with it. My son was a champ and helped me with the review.

Here is the video:

Chatman is very cool and a big hit in our home. As you can see in the video he is a funny little guy.

Here are some examples of what he can do:

* Score Points: It is important that you play with your chatman. My kids have been playing with theirs like crazy. They just love their new little friend. When you play with him your score will get bigger. It is important that you also teach him new things such as 2+2=4. He loves to learn. If you neglect him for to long he will become lonely and get sick. You sure don't want that to happen. I honestly don't think there is a chance of ours getting lonely or sick. My kids won't leave the poor little guy alone...LOL  He would probably like a break. They just love to play with him and teach him new things.

* Let's Chat: Chatman loves to chat - hence the name...LOL
While your on the computer you can chat with him. Ask him a question and he will answer it. Sometimes, however he may not know the answer. If this happens you can teach him the answer if you should know it. If not you can ask an adult or look it up and teach him.

* Choose a Chat-Mate: allows you to choose if your chatman will be a boy or a girl. It also allows you to choose a name for him/her. My kids loved the name, so ours is named Chatman and it is a boy.

* Fun Stuff: If you should get bored you can take Chatman to the Fun Stuff Area. It is full of all kinds of things you can do with him. Such as games, movies etc. My son would sit and play in this area with Chatman for hours if I would let him. He said it is so much fun.

* Homework: This is my sons aboslute favorite section. My son is in 2nd grade and I homeschool him. I give homework just like they do at public/private schools. He can visit the homework section on the My Chatman site and he will help you with your answers etc. You are able to do searches and Chatman will help you find hte info etc. It is wonderful and very safe. I don't like my kids being on the internet and this is a very safe alternative. Still using the computer online but no need to worry about the wrong things popping up that little eyes shouldn't see.

* Let's Chat with Friends: This is when you are on a networking site etc. When your friends come on and you start chatting with each other, Chatman will join in. My kids are 8 and 6 so they are not allowed on these sites, so they have not been able to use this feature. I did however sign on late one night and was chatting with a friend and he joined in. It was the cutest thing ever and quite the little character making me laugh.
He joins in on chats on Skype, Facebook and MSN.

* Reminders: Have important things that you need reminder. Such as a friends birthday, soccer game etc. Well tell Chatman using the Reminders section and he will remind you when they come up so you don't forget. Wish I had a little friend to help me remember everything...LOL

He has a ton of different emotions. When he experiences one his face will change.

Here aer some examples:





Chatman works with both Mac and PC.

2,000 Movements, 30 Moods, and recognizes Over 15,000 words.

Available In Store at:
Only available at the Times Square, New-York store

Available Online At:

Be Chatman's Friend on:

Please leave us a comment telling us what you think of Chatman and our review :)

*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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  1. I love how this will keep kids busy on the computer and maybe keep them from checking out things on the internet. Even with all these blocks and things still get pass and to our children. Great product!

    Christyn M


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