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“Mom’s the Word” Gift Guide, items for moms by moms brought you by Bags by eBags! Product Review

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eBags will be putting together a “Mom’s the Word” Gift Guide, items for moms by moms brought you by Bags by eBags! They reached out to a certain number of moms with blogs to work with them on this wonderful gift guide.

Each of the moms had to visit the eBags site and pick a few items they thought would make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. Then eBags decided on one of those items from each of the mom's list to send them to review for the gift guide.

Product Specifications
Size: 27.5" x 18" x 11"
Weight: 9 lbs, 4 oz
Capacity: 4386 cu. in.
Material: 100% Polycarbonate
Warranty: Our Promise - Lifetime Warranty -Exchange, return, whatever it takes
Linear Inches: 56.50"
Product Features

•100% Pure Polycarbonate shell - the most durable material choice for hardside luggage

•Polished/Debossed Diamond Pattern reduces visible abrasion

•Packing compartment is divided into two sections:

•Full-mesh zip-around cover for the perfect combination of containment AND visibility

•Open compartment with our innovative removable/adjustable shelf AND 5-point tie straps

•Combined packing space: 24" x 17" x 10.75"

•Overall exterior dimensions (maximum measure): 27.5" x 18" x 11”

•Grey nylon lining - because who needs another black interior in a suitcase?

•Large #10 self-healing coil zipper - the strongest available

•Travel Sentry ® TSA recognized 3-dial combination lock for safe/secure packing

•2-section telescoping handle - adjustable to a variety of heights

•Telescoping handle measures 45.25" fully extended

•Telescoping handle housing is partially extended, for optimum interior space utilization

•Top and Side grab handles with internal support plates for added durability

•Four Molded Feet with oversized backing washers

•Double-Wheel casters with internal support plates for superior durability

•All component parts are assembled with removable fasteners, in case of any needed repairs

I went throught the entire site thinking of items that I could really use as a mom. I was excited that I received this particular product. I have 3 little ones and we travel several times of year. I currently have a small suitcase for each of my children and honestly it is a pain in the bottom. I would much rather put all of their things in the same suitcase. For one thing it would be much easier and two, take up alot less space in our vehicle too.

I am super excited about this product. We recently went on a trip to Disney World. I decided to put all of my kids things in this suitcase to see if I could get it all to fit. It most definately did. I was able to place it all in their just perfect.  There are 2 compartments on the inside of the suitcase. One side has a large mess cover with a zipper that goes around 3 sides. I placed my baby girls things on that side and fit it all just perfect. I then zipped it up and it held everything in place just perfect.

The other side is one large compartment. It has a divider that can be placed across it though to seperate it into 2 sections. There is velcro running both sides that you can easily attach the divider too. I used this to divide it and placed my sons things on one side and my older daughters things on the other side. It then has 2 straps that can go across it and has a buckle to attach them to each other. This helps to keep it all in place.

This is a picture of both compartments.

This is a picture of the mesh piece unzipped and pulled back.

Here is a picture of items in the suitcase. I decided to put towels in it to show you the space it gives you.  As you can see I was able to fit several full size bath towels, pair of my sons shorts and a pair of slippers. I could have fit a tad more but didn't want to over do it.  It may not look like much to you but it has a ton of space. These are the big bath towels that cover your whole body.

I was greatly surprised by the amount of space it has and loved it.

Now to the outside. I love it just as much. It has so many great features that make this my absolutely favorite suitcase.

The outside is hardside. I love that I can easily wipe it down if it should get dirty and after traveling to get all the germs off easily. I couldn't do this with our other suitcase as it was made out of fabric. I noticed that this one was much easier to pack in the truck too compared to the soft sided one we used in the past.

The picture above shows the outside of the suitcase and the handle placed down.

Here is a picture of the handle pulled completely up. All you have to do is press the button down on the handle and pull up. Very easy!!! Then just push the button down and push the handle down and you are all done. It can't get any easier.

This is a picture of the swivel wheels located on the bottom of the suitcase.  This is the best feature ever. The wheels literally will move in any direction. I have always stuggled with our old luggage trying to get it rolling. You had to roll it just perfect or it would flip over and was the biggest pain ever. This was the easiest one to use EVER!!!! I rolled it from the car to the hotel and didn't have to stop once. I couldn't believe it. I could tilt it over and roll it or keep it up right and push it along side of me. It didn't matter at all. It was so easy that my kids could do it too. It is also very lightweight even fully loaded with things. My kids made a comment about how easy it was to use.

Now I don't travel by plane but that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this feature. It allows you to lock the suitcase and have to have a code to open it. You slide the 2 zippers in the grooves and it locks them into place. This is a great feature if you travel by place etc, where others will be handling your suitcase. It will ensure your things are kept safe.

After you do the code or unlock it all you do is press a button and it will then release both zippers.
Quick and easy.

It has 2 handles on it. One located on the top and another located on the side. Easy for carrying or lifting into a vehicle etc.

I am in love with this item and have already told my hubby that I want 1 or 2 more of them so I have a set for when we travel. They also come in a variety of colors.

As you can see from our pics we received it in the color red.

It also comes in the following colors too: green, yellow, grey, blue, and black.

eBags EXO Hardside 24'' Spinner Green eBags EXO Hardside 24'' Spinner Yellow eBags EXO Hardside 24'' Spinner Grey eBags EXO Hardside 24'' Spinner Blue eBags EXO Hardside 24'' Spinner Black

I was super excited to share this product with you and think it would make a fabulous gift for Mother's Day! I think this gift would be perfect for mom. It would make things so much easier for traveling. Especially when you have your hands full and juggling several things at once.
This suitcase would definately make things easier in more way then one!!!

Please be sure to keep an eye out for the Mom's the Word Mother's Day Gift Guide. It will be full of wonderful products that would make wonderful gifts and will also provide wonderful reviews from some of our wonderful Mom Bloggers!!!

Be sure to follow eBags on Facebook and Twitter too.

*Disclaimer - I received the item(s) mentioned above for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest and true.*

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