Thursday, May 24, 2012

Highlighters and Pens Oh My!!! Product Review - Office Supplies from Staples to Printer Paper

I am excited to bring you another wonderful review from

This review is for a set of 3 office supplies. I will list each with info and our review of what we think.

The first product is Sharpie Gel Highlighters.

Details of this item:
* Ink-Free technology provides total smear protection across pen, marker and ink jet inks
* Can be uncapped for days without drying out
* Won't bleed through paper
* Twist bottom to advance

Our Review of this item:
I run a home based business and I am very busy. I have everything organized with binders, notes, etc. I always like to highlight key notes that I need to remember etc in all of my business papers. In the past I have used another brand and found they always seem to dry out real fast and the highlighter itself was to large for my hands.

I was excited to try these out. First off I had no clue that Sharpie even made highlighters and love this brand. The width of the highlighter is smaller than other brands. This is perfect for my little hands much easier for me to handle and much more comfortable for me to use. I love the gel as it rolls on so smooth and most definately does not bleed through the paper. I know with other brands that I have had the problem of it bleeding through the paper and ruining other pages. Not a problem with this product. I also love that they are a bright florescent Yellow, Pink, and Orange color. Another huge added bonus is that you can twist the bottom and it will slightly push up more of the gel. It is the coolest idea ever.

There is not one thing that I do not like about this product. I have used each of the highlighters on a daily basis. It also states that you can leave them uncapped for days without it drying out. Well, of course, I had to put this to the test. I left the caps off for a total of 3 days. They are right. They didn't dry out a bit. I was really shocked by this and defiantely makes them worth the money. I am glad I got to review this cool product and invite you to check them out too!!!

The second item was the Sharpie Premium Pen.

This picture I took was a little dark so look below for a picture I copied from the site.
Sharpie Premium Pen
Details of this item:
* Refillable
* Soft grip for added writing comfort
* Durable, fine tip delivers precise and consistent writing with minimal effort
* Vibrant Ink that's acid-free, water, smear, and fade resistant

Our Review of this Item:
I have to first say that I am really impressed with this item. I have used Sharpie products for years but once again did not know they made Sharpie Permanent Marker Pens. I knew about and have used their permanent markers before but not the pens. This was my first time. It is designed and shaped just like a fancier pen. Not the cheap pens you can buy by the packs. It has a very sleek design and look. I love the feel of it. It also has a clip on the cap that you can clip it to a pocket or something else.

I love fine tip pens and that is exactly what I received. It has a very fine tip and writes easily. I have noticed with Sharpie markers that they tend to bleed through the paper. I did not have this problem with this product which is a huge plus. I love to use it for anything that I need to make sure is permanent and cannot be erased. I have also used it on a couple art projects that they wanted their names written on. It worked great.

I still can't get over the look of it. So stylish and a great addition to my home office.

The last item we reviewed was Paper Mate InkJoy 700 RT Ballpoint Pens.

Details of this item:
* Sold in Sets of 4

* InkJoy writing system gives you the best in effortless writingstarts quickly without dragging, requires minimal pressure from the hand and delivers crisp, clean lines every time.

* Combines an hourglass shape with rubberized grip to provide comfort and control.

* Solid metal accents for long-lasting durability.

Our Review of this item:
In this package we received 2 Black, 1 Blue, and 1 Red Ballpoint Pens. I love using ballpoint pens and have to say I normally buy the cheap ones. You know, where you can get a pack for a little over $1.00. Well, I am gonna stop that. This particular pack cost just a little ove $5.00 and is well worth it. I find with the cheaper ones that they run out very fast and the ballpoints do not hold up. I love these Paper Mate pens. I love the variety in colors and they write so smooth. We received them in a medium point which is great because I have shared them with my kids who are 8 and 6. They love to doodle in the doodle books. They like that they come in 3 different colors and they said they are very easy to write with. I have to agree with them.

Please remember if you purchase these that when you click it so that the ballpoint comes out, to remove the guard on the tip. I was trying to write with it at first and nothing was happening. I soon realised that this was on there and removed it very easily. Silly Me...LOL

I am very pleased with all 3 items we received. I definately invite you to check them out as well as all the other products available on the site.

*Disclaimer - I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides concerning the use of endorsments and testimonials in advertising. I received the item(s) mentioned above for free for review purposes. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest, true and my own.*


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