Monday, June 11, 2012

Seaside Porthole Art Project

During the summer I have a ton of project planned for my kids. Each Friday we will be doing an animal journal. Our second entry was done on Fish in general.

We went to our second page and my daughter is is 6 printed the word fish. My son who is 8 printed and wrote the word fish in cursive too.

They then drew a picture of a fish on the same page.

They love doing this and it is a great way for them to learn about a different animal each week, and to practice their writing too.

After we completed the entries we placed the journals to the side. I also plan an art project each week to go with the animal we are learning about.

The art project for this on is called the seaside porthole.

We started with 2 paper plates. We cut the center circle out of the one plate.

We then laid down the plate that was still intact.

I cut all different shapes out of colored construction paper.

My children used those to make an underwater scene on their plate.

Once they completed the scene they drew faces on their fish and glued on sparkly gems.

We then took the plate that we cut the center out of. We placed it on top of the other paper plate. We then stapled them both together around the edges.

My kids then glued sparkly gems around it to resemble screws etc holding them together.

Here are their completed master pieces.

Please comment on what you liked best about this project.

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  1. I love the port hole idea! That opens the door for an adventure story on a ship. ;)


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