Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Recommend you take 10 Minutes and Just Play with your Child

We have partnered with HotWheels and ModernMom for a Fun Activity.

The whole idea of this post is to take 10 minutes and just play with your child.

I am a busy mom that works around the clock with my at home businesses. Among that I also care for my three children 24/7 and also homeschool them too. Yes it is a full day of work each and everyday but I love it! The thing I find most challenging is spending quality time with each of my children.

Being ages 8 1/2, (boy), 6 1/2 (girl) and 19 month old (girl), it is hard finding an activity we can all do together. My baby girl is attached to my hip and my oldest daughter is more one on one. I always feel like I am trying to find more time to spend with my son who is the oldest. He, of course, is not into the girly stuff and can only take so much of playing with baby toys.

I have been trying to set time aside to spend some more one on one time with him, but it is difficult. This was the perfect opportunity to do so. We were sent a box of HotWheels cars and I was asked to take 10 minutes and play just with him. We took all the cars out of the packaging and layed them out on our living room rug. Beings my oldest daughter could not participate she helped take a picture for us and was happy to do so.

We have a big rug in our living room and it has all kinds of shapes and lines throughout it. I asked my son what he wanted to do with the cars. He has a great imagination and suggested we make a race track. He wanted to use the lines/shapes on the rug for the road. He set up the first track and then I set up the second track. We each picked a car and then we used the other cars to make obstacles throughout the tracks.

I think we did a total of 5 or 6 tracks. I have to say we had a blast and a ton of laughs too. We crashed into each other a few times cruising our cars throughout the tracks in which I fell down once. I think that was the highlight for him, as he got a really good laugh out of that one. The highlight for myself, was at the end of the 10 mintues. He came over and gave me a hug. I gave him a big hug back and he said, "mommy thank you for playing just with me." Of course that brought a tear to my eye.

I guess as mothers we don't always look through the eyes of our children. He is the oldest and more independent. On the other hand, my baby girl is dependent on me to do so much for her. He never complains about not getting as much attention but after this activity I can see that he needs a little more from me. Not just attention, but one one one time. I am gonna try my hardest to set time aside for each of my children. This way they can have one on one mommy time with me. I can now see how important that is, not only for the children but for the parents too. I am so glad I was asked to take part in this project. We had a great time and I look forward to many more one on one activities with my children.

** I worked in partnership with ModernMom on this blog post **

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