Monday, August 26, 2013

Kenyatta Lost 35 lbs on the 90 Day Challenge with Visalus { Business Spotlight Sponsor }

** This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of Kenyatta Duckworth **

August Business Spotlight Sponsor

Meet Kenyatta Duckworth. This stay at home wife and busy mom of 2 (soon to be 3) lost 35 lbs on the 90 Day Challenge and turned it into a successful home business!
Kenyatta started out as just a customer with ViSalus looking to desperately lose some weight. After developing hypothyroidism and gaining massive weight she tried almost every diet program and pill on th market but nothing worked. Finally after struggling with her weight for almost 2 years, she was introduced to the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and decided to give it a try. She lost 5lbs the first week! Please read more in detail about her weight loss story in her blog:

ViSalus meal replacement protein shakes are vitamin filled and fiber rich. It's dr approved and safe enough for kids, diabetics and even pregnant and nursing moms!

The program is simple, and very easy to stick to and with our 3 for FREE program and 90 day money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but weight! 

After starting my 90 Day Challenge with ViSalus and getting results so rapidly, it naturally snowballed into a lucrative home business for me. As the pounds dropped people wanted to know what I was doing. It just made since to promote the challenge as well. I qualified for Regional Director and earned a BMW car bonus from the company in 2 months and I went on to do the same for my husband in 3 more months. (So that’s 2 car payments we receive every month from ViSalus in addition to our residual earnings, bonuses and commissions).

Besides the weight loss, ViSalus has afforded me the opportunity to travel, contribute to our household finances, contribute to our savings, help family members and others financially, pay off debt, catch up on my student loans, and buy my husband gifts that he doesn’t have to pay for. I could go on & on!!! It has been truly life changing for me & my family.

If you are looking for a change in your life whether it’s to lose weight, get healthy or earn additional income, ViSalus can help you achieve all of the above. Please don’t be so closed-minded that you miss out on something that can really be life changing for you. Shoot me an email, visit my website or connect with me on Facebook and find out how to get started today!!!!
Kenyatta Duckworth
National Director
Bimmer Club Member


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