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Stainless Steel Appliances Oh our New Step2 Family Fun Kitchen { SamsClub Exclusive #AD}

*Disclaimer - I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides concerning the use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising. I received the item(s) mentioned above for free for review purposes from Step2, as we are a Step2 Test Drive Blogger. In no way did this alter my opinion of their products. All of my opinions are one hundred percent honest, true and my own.*
Being a mommy to 3 children brings about alot of playtime. Which is one of my favorite things to do with my children. Truly makes me what to be a kid all over again. I homeschool my children so a portion of our day is spent allowing them to use their imaginations through playtime. My son is into drawing and building most of the time. However, my girls are into tea parties, playing restaurant and the list could go on and on. It allows me to be a little girl all over again.

They recently were given the opportunity to test out the new Family Fun Kitchen from Step2. As you can imagine they were jumping with excitement when the HUGE box arrived at our doorstep. I have to say I was a bit jealous, especially when we took it out and started to assemble it.

It is a top of the line kitchen in all aspects. Let's just say.......Stainless Steel Appliances!!!!

I never had anything like this growing up and made me want to put it together even faster..LOL

I get the kids involved with every aspect, so of course they got to help assemble it. Your probably thinking that it would be difficult and time consuming. Well, you are WRONG. It was very simple and not time consuming at all. I say from start to finish it took us about 30 minutes.

First of all we loved the colors as they were a neutral. It actually reminded me of our color scheme in our home. It is different shades of browns and tans with some reddish highlights here and there.

My kids couldn't wait to test it out and start cooking up some yummy creations.

* 2 Storage Bins
* Microwave
* Play Phone
* 2 Cabinets with Opening Doors
* Space to Store Dishes
* 6 Hooks to hold Utensils, Pot Holder and Bag
* Coffee Pot
* 2 Cups
* 2 Plates
* 2 Bowls
* Set of Cooking Utensils
* Set of Eating Utensils
* Pots/Pans with Lids
* Colander
* Stove with Opening Door and Keypad that makes Noise
* Refrigerator with Opening Door
* Reusable Grocery Bag
* Spot for their Favorite Pooch (not included)
* Salt and Pepper Shakers
* 2 Play Dog Bones
* White Dry Erase part in the Doggy Area ( so you can write your pet's name on it etc.)

My children and I each had a favorite feature with this kitchen.

I love when you place a pot or pan on the one burner that it makes sounds. When a pan is placed on the burner it makes a sizzling sounds. When the pot is placed on the burner it makes a bubbling sound. Plus the burner has lights that light up and illuminate the pot and pan as well. I thought that was so cool.

My oldest daughter loved the Cutting Board which is attached to the top of the counter. She was pretending with the play knife, that is included, to be chopping the food. She said she also like the keypad above the oven door. It has several buttons on it that make all different noises. She said it is just like mommy and daddy's stove.

My youngest daughter, who is 2 1/2, never really gave me an answer. Beings I couldn't get a good answer I am going to take a guess at her favorite features. She uses the coffee pot and cups the most. I love Iced Mocha Frappes and she makes me at least one a day. She serves it to me in a cup and is always sure to stand watch as I drink it....LOL   Then ask promptly if it was yummy.
I of course reply with it was very yummy and can I have another!

She also uses the pot and pan too. She cooks up some yummy creations with those as well. I got served eggs one day which were delicious and she even made sure to take the pan off the burner and flip the egg too before serving. She said that was how daddy does it.

She also took her favorite stuffed dog and placed him in the little cubby area for a pet. It comes with 2 stickers that you attach on the floor of the cubby area, that look like water and food. She tilts his head down to ensure that he gets some of each.
I love how it allows them to use their imaginations in so many ways and to see what they pick up from watching others around them.
Such as when they are done they place the dishes in the sink. Then they proceed to wash them and put them away. Just like mommy!

Overall I am very pleased with the item and my kids play with it on a daily basis. It was easy to assemble, very sturdy, stylish and of course makes this mom jealous and allows me to bring out my childlike side from time to time. Definitely a BIG hit in our home and perfect for the little boy or girl in your family as well.

This is a NEW item out this Fall from Step2 and can be purchased exclusively  from SamsClub.

I hope you have enjoyed our review and be sure to search our blog for other reviews of some wonderful Step2 products. We are also featuring another New Product from the Fall Line as well called the Studio Art Desk.

I highly invite you to become a part of the Step2 Birthday Club. They will provide you with valuable emails with exclusive deals and so much more. Best of all it is FREE!


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  2. Wow is there a lot of stuff to this Kitchen, but its just adorable.

  3. So many fun things to do in this kitchen! I love the adorable Reusable Grocery Bag!

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  5. Oh this looks like so much fun! My girls would LOVE it!!

  6. What a cute kitchen, I can't believe all the goodies this comes with.

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  8. Really nice review. I have looked and looked at kitchens online but you really show and explain everything including the size compared to the children. I do not understand why they don't make working phones, microwave with a timerand turntable, working coffee pot and sink? No one seems too? This is really a nice kitchen, I have looked at so many hoping to get one for Abagail for Christmas, Thank you so much for the chance to win! Mary Withrow

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  15. My kids would really enjoy this. I could see them playing here for hours!


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