Friday, November 22, 2013 Black Friday Sales and Sweepstakes!

This Wahm Connect Reviews post is a Fashionista Event. I was provided a promotional item by to inform you of their crazy insane Black Friday Sales, their top 10 gifts giveaway and our $500 giveaway.
Each year I sit down with my children and we create a Wish List to send to Santa. I have them pick there top 5 things that they want most and then add on some other things too. This year was alot of fun creating it. My son will be 10 tomorrow and is getting into the big boy things such as, electronics, Minecraft and so much more. He choose a really cool helicopter that is control just using your hands. I really hope Santa brings that gift as I personally want to try it out.
My girls will be 8 and 3 in January and are into all things girly. This year is a ton more fun because my baby girl really understands it all this year. My girls set down and choose alot of Doc McStuffin, Princess Sofia and Minnie Mouse items. One great thing is they can share their gifts with each other.
Santa is going to have fun with our list this year and the elves will too.

I have also been watching social media channels and see that Electronics, Video Games and such are items that alot of people are wishing for this year.
Not only at the Holidays, but throughout the year I like to snag a good deal. Whether it be using a coupon, online special etc, it all helps save some $$$$.

Black Friday is fast approaching and the stores preparing their specials. I am sure if you are a Black Friday shopper you have begun to check out all of the deals out there.
Most if you probably are not aware that offers Black Friday Deals with Great Discounts!

Be sure check out all of their great deals as I am sure you will snag a few.
I know I will be! is also hosting a Black Friday Sweepstakes where they are giving away 10 of the must-have holiday gifts. Be sure to enter the Sweepstakes. Black Friday sweepstakes starts Nov. 20 and ends Nov. 29

We are also offering a Black Friday Giveaway  for a $500 Amazon Gift Card
(2 Winners, $250/each) The  giveaway will go from Nov. 22 to
Nov. 29.

You can enter ours below and be sure to enter the Sweepstakes above too and Good Luck to all and Happy Holidays!

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