Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Puzzle Art Activity for Kids

My children enjoy doing art projects, so I am always looking for new ones to do with them. Recently we came up with a great idea, and honestly cannot believe I didn't think of it sooner.

My girls really love putting puzzles together and we have a bunch of them. Most of them I buy at the dollar store and yes they are a $1.00
One day my oldest daughter was putting a Doc McStuffin puzzle together and I had the idea of making it into a hanging picture for her room. I heard that their was some type of bonding glue that could be used to do this. I told her next time I was at the store I would pick some up and we would try it. My husband overheard us talking about it and mentioned using tape.
I had 2 rolls of heavy packing tape in our closet so I decided to try it with it. I took a piece of printer paper and slid it under the puzzle so I could flip it over. This way the picture would be laying against the floor and the back side up. I then took strips of tape and laid it across the back of the puzzle pressing down. This way it ensured that it was sticking to all of the pieces and seams.

I then had scraps of ribbon in our homeschool classroom. I took a piece and looped it around and took a piece of tape and attached it to the back of the puzzle.

We then decided to hang it up to see if it worked. Much to our surprise, it did!
We immediately took it upstairs and hung it in my daughters room.

We have made 4 more since and it is super quick and easy. The best part is they really enjoyed it and they were able to help with every step. Honestly if the tape wasn't so sticky, they could probably do the entire project on their own.

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