Monday, June 30, 2014

Earning a USC Communications Degree - Sponsored Post

There is one thing that every company has in common regardless of size, industry or location: a need for proper communication. Cable television providers need someone to attract new customers. A manufacturer would be unable to sell their product without being able to communicate their product's value and purpose. It would be pointless for a hotel chain to attempt to attract new guests by improving their amenities without communicating these improvements to the world at large. Researchers at a laboratory would need to let others know about a discovery in both technical papers and to the general public. A studio would be hard-pressed to sell any tickets to a movie premiere without broadcasting the opening to fans. A city or county must inform its citizens of new regulations and their impact. All of these companies and groups, and many more, need a knowledgeable person with a degree in communications to make sure their messages get out to those that want or need them.

The various methods of communication and types of media make earning a Master of Communication Management degree increasingly important. The knowledge gained while studying for the degree will help to determine what kind of message needs to be made and how best to broadcast that message. There are the more traditional methods of radio or television commercials and print ads in magazines or newspapers, but the growth and expansion of social media offers an array of methods for a company to communicate. Posts can be made on a business's news feed to inform current fans and users of the latest updates. Some social media sites also have sponsored advertisements that target likely new customers. Another method of broadcasting a message is online videos and utilizing their tendency to go viral. Each of these methods require the message to be made differently in order to be effective.

Getting a degree, such as a USC communications degree, is a key element in knowing how to help a company or group make its message heard. The universal need for someone with a Master of Communications Management means that there is almost no geographical limit on where a job may be found.

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