Thursday, July 12, 2018

How to Get More Attention on Instagram - #AD

How to Get More Attention on Instagram

Everybody likes seeing new comments and “likes” on their Instagram photos. Here’s how to get more attention to those little square photos you love to upload.

1. Pick a theme. Your theme can be narrow, like a Paleo diet, or more broad, like the beach way of life. If you have an ecommerce platform and you’re selling products, you may want your Instagram to showcase all of your new items. Whatever your theme is, stick to it with every post. People will follow you because they expect to see a certain type of image. If you stray from that theme, you’ll lose followers.

2. Post great content. This seems obvious, but Instagram is filled with low quality, boring images. Only post things that are relevant and interesting to your audience. If you’re selling jewelry, photos of your cat have no place on your Instagram account!

3. Tell a story via your caption. Some pictures become greater when there’s a great story behind them. Are you blankly staring at the ocean waves? Or are you contemplating how large the ocean is and how small you are following your very first surfing experience? Did you just make that shiny bracelet? Or did you make that shiny bracelet from sea glass you found in Costa Rica during your honeymoon?

4. Post on a dependable schedule. Your followers should know when to expect new photos from you. Check out your Instagram stats via Iconosquare to figure out the best days and times to post, then set your calendar to notify you when it’s time to put up a new image. If you veer too far from your schedule, your loyal followers may assume you abandoned your account and they could unfollow you.

5. Engage with your followers. When someone comments on your photos, write back to them. Just don't say “thank you,” either. Write something that will spark a conversation. To encourage engagement, ask a question in your captions. Make sure to reply when people start answering that question!

6. Include hashtags the right way. The right number of hashtags seems to be eleven, based on studies. This can seriously crowd your description, though, and it can be annoying to read a sentence with a bunch of linked hashtags thrown in. Instead, comment on your image with those hashtags. Your image will be searchable without you clogging up the caption.

7. Create branded hashtags. Always use your branded hashtag on your posts and encourage your followers to do the same, either when they share your posts or when they post something that fits with your brand image. Put your branded hashtag in your profile bio, too.

8. Make the most of the Explore tool. This is a great way to find new people to connect with and images that are in-line with your interests. The Explore tool only shows you things that are relevant based on your Instagram activity.

Don’t let that Instagram account just sit there!

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